New: Step-Panther-Nowhere

This day could not get any fucking better! No university on a Monday and a bran new Step-Panther single? That’s too much to ask for really. I’m sure I’ll be punished by the universe for this next week, when that Monday brings a new Wild Beasts song or something.

But for the time being, there’s ‘Nowhere’. A sincerely epic shredder, this thing is like a Guns N Roses power ballad, if that power ballad were taken to a junkyard, crushed into a cube, and then that cube imploded from the sheer force of shreddery. Also, shreddery is now a word.

The song starts off small but dangerous, drum beats snaking around each other, before some simmering guitar gets laid on top. I feel like I’m reciting a recipe for awesome rock music. From here, the song just continues to brood, until the second chorus of, ‘We’re going nowhere, we’re going nowhere’ comes on, and some Sonic Youth guitar starts up. There’s an elemental build and then FUCKING BOOM!, you’ve got this crushing epic guitar surging down on top of your head.

Jesus Christ, if that doesn’t get you excited, nothing will.


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