Video: Geoffrey O’Connor-Her Name On Every Tongue

How great was that movie Norbit? You know that movie where Eddie Murphy plays all the roles? Sure, it was massacred by critics and audiences alike, and is considered worse than a half hour with Seth MacFarlane, but surely there was some positive feedback? No?

Anyway, Melbourne resident Geoffrey O’Connor has become INSPIRED by that film (sic) and starred in every role in his new film clip for ‘Her Name On Every Tongue’. The clip revolves around a Twin Peaks-esque mystery, in which the world wonders what happened to ISIS, a super glamourous ‘trillionare entertainer’. Without this woman to lead the way, the globe collapses into static TV screens and prison inmates with shitty neck tattoos.

However, if this celebrity apocalypse does have a silver lining, it would be the tranquil, ice-cold sounds of Geoffrey O’Connor. Each synth note is an extended gripping of the spine from the hands of the Ice Queen, and every time O’Connor opens his mouth, its pure longing in audio form. This guy has had his fair share of romantic troubles, I’m sure of it. The only difference between him and me, is that Geoffrey O’Connor is that he can sing/play music/direct/act/miscellaneuous better than me. If it weren’t for this amazing song to comfort me, I’d be feeling pretty shitty right now. Thanks Geoffrey!


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