The Mess Up

Cancel your plans. I don’t care if you were going to watch Cops and furiously tug one out for eight hours straight, or if you were meant to be meeting Elton John. Sydney’s best pub, The Lansdowne Hotel, is going to host some absolutely crazy shenanigans every Thursday night, via The Mess Up.

‘But Ryan,’ you scream at your laptop computer screen, ‘I don’t want to go to the Lansdowne Hotel. What could possibly be on offer for me there?’

Check it out: Yes, I’m Leaving, Lenin Lennon and HANNAHBAND. Sydney’s best punk band are going to be joined by the remnants of Sweet Teeth (and who fucking rule in their own right) and Newcastle’s finest punk purveyors for a night of intensity and fun that you will never forget. Scratch that, there’s $10 jugs, and $5 Cheeseburgers, you will definitely forget what happens tonight.

BUT DO NOT FEAR! For The Mess Up (presumably named after that absolutely killer DZ Deathrays track where everyone throws up aka the way a night should end) will be at the Lansdowne EVERY Thursday night, and it’s been run by experienced party maniac Simon Parsons, who also happens to be a blood relative of the aforementioned DZ Deathrays. Partying and putting on killer shows runs through his veins!

The last few weeks have seen These New South Whales, Hockey Dad, Chicks Who Love Guns, Gazar Strips, and Bad Jeep. Aren’t you fucking kicking yourself that you didn’t find out about this earlier?

The vixen on top of this orgy of good news is that the killer lineups don’t stop after tonight. Next week sees Bowl Cut, TV Programmes, and The Bag Steamers, and the following week will feature Reptiles and Julia Why?

BY THE HAIRY MOLE OF LEMMY KILMISTER! How has everyone reading this not blown their fucking lid!? Get down to Sydney’s best pub, smash a cheap jug, and watch some bands blow the roof of a pub that’s older than me.

*And if it helps, I’m going to be DJ’ing tonight as well. ‘TALLICA!


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