Top 5 Records w/ Anti Fade Records/The Living Eyes

It’s a well established fact that I fucking love Anti Fade Records. They’ve put out killer release after killer fucking release. Don’t believe me? Here you go, you doubtful swine: Gooch Palms, Straight Arrows, The Bonniwells, Austmuteants, The Clits, Cobwebbs, Housewives, The Kremlings, The Frowning Clouds…fuck, I’m out of breath. Point being, this label is the centre of the universe when it comes to garage rock that’ll whip your pants off and blow you. Speaking of the centre of the universe, Anti Fade have also released two compilations called ‘NEW CENTRE OF THE UNIVERSE’ and they fucking rule. Best cassettes I’ve ever bought.

You may have noticed I left out a very important band in the list of Anti Fade releases, namely The Living Eyes. That’s because I wanted to create dramatic tension/talk about it in this paragraph, you living splooge stain. Anyway, The Living Eyes adhere to the Anti Fade rule of kicking copious amounts of ass. Just check this video for ‘Eat It Up’:

Did you fucking see that? Or were you blinded by the way that it makes everything else you’ve listened to in the past 48 hours sound like the sound of a disinterested dog scratching its balls? Either way, consider yourself lucky as you read the Top 5 Records of Billy from The Living Eyes/Anti Fade Records fame. I sure do.

Chrome-Red Exposure
Anybody into Chrome will most likely know how much of a fan I am already, since I nicked the label name from them. I took it from the chorus of this song, even though they have a different song altogether called Anti-Fade. This song’s better though!
There’s heaps of cool stuff on this album and I’m always amazed at the weird overdubs and sick production on it, considering its only two dudes performing and recording the whole thing.
The Kinks-The Kinks Are the Village Green Appreciation Society
Even though this album is known to drag out a bit towards the end – I still reckon its amazing. The first 10 songs are all completely second to none. The last 5 are still great but maybe not as great. Sick song writing and drumming – tempo changes in ‘Walter’ and ‘Animal Farm’ are so good. It was real hard to pick just one song to preview here
The Soft Boys-Underwater Moonlight
Most recent LP I heard on this list. Only got into it in the last 6 – 8 months. Great lyrics, great bass lines, great lead breaks, the works. Pretty bangin’! The lead break after the chorus in this song gets me every time, I don’t think it’ll ever get old.
DEVO-Duty Now For the Future
I really can’t pick between the first two Devo albums. I was a bigger fan of the first one for ages but the second has been getting a lot more spins over the last year so I listed it here. It’s a bit more weird which is good. There’s too many hits to pick from on here anyway.
The Saints-Eternally Yours
Australia’s finest. Even though they’d moved to London by this point, it’s still Aussie! Pretty much same deal as the Devo one – very on par with the first LP. I like the direction they take on this one though, little less punk (in a good way) and self-produced. Plenty of good riffs that ya just can’t argue with.
*The embeds are messing up, not sure what’s wrong with them.

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