New: Prints-Lady Penelope

I heard this song on FBi today, and it reminded me that the government fucking sucks for not devoting at least 78% of the annual budget to local Sydney bands. This band should be swamped with as many deadly vices this country has to offer! And they’ve only released a single!

I mean, this is the first single! By all accounts, this song should suck harder than the second Speed movie (to give perspective on how much that movie sucked, it took place on a cruise ship, and featured approx. 0 blank-face Keanu Reeves monologues). Instead, it’s an shambling rock odyssey, a kicked-back, Brad Pitt-in-True-Romance, kind of song-handsome but with just enough slacker to make it way cooler. ‘Lady Penelope’ is bedroom pop with edge, and it’s addictive as a deep-fried Mars Bar dipped in heroin.


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