New: Teenage Moustache-Social Smoker

Never has a song evoked its title so eloquently as ‘Social Smoker’ does. The thumping intro is like the final breaths of a former ‘social smoker’, tar-wracked lungs desperately seeking oxygen. We’re then transported back to the ‘better time’, when it was all backyard BBQ’s and watching indie rock bands at the pub, signified by the metallic Lace Curtain-esque sheen.

Or maybe, I’m completely full of shit and this song’s about something completely different, and I’m just trying to find a bunch of meaning in a song that’s actually unfulfilled romance.

However, one thing I believe we can all agree on is that if Youth Lagoon were chucked into a Newcastle tree-shredder and treated through a sewage plant, it would sound exactly this glorious.


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