New: Bloods-Want It

Look, we get it. The budget has more of a shitty effect on the general punter than the splashback at a Big Day Out porta-potty. Unless you’re Joe ‘Fat Cat’ Hockey, or one of his lackeys, you’re pretty much fucked in every sense of the word.

And whilst that sucks tremendously, the news is slightly more wearable with the announcing of a brand new single from local favourites Bloods. This song is typically vicious and typically poppy, like the Ramones if they were a little bit more loose. Yes, it’s that fucking wild.

Seriously, when that sexy bass makes way for the crashing cymbals and sweaty chorus, you’re going to want to lose it, just as MC, Sweetie and Dirk are commanding you to. Of all the recently released songs to angrily thought-punch the douchebags in government to, whilst having a deplorable amount of reckless fun, it’d have to be ‘Want It’.


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