Video: Straight Arrows-Petrified

Straight Arrows are fucking back and better than ever, with an album of raucous, debauchery tunes to kill your brain cells and get the fun genes pumping through your veins once again. The song is called ‘Petrified’ and it makes me want to slice open the nutsack of a Sasquatch. Why? Because this shit is insanely rare, and it would be blasphemous to not take advantage of the situation.

On top of this, the accompanying video is a VHS-ish, colour-fucked, opium-inhaling smorgasbord of  weirdness. It features random ass items being manipulated and distorted beyond belief, and the band in an uncharacteristically sedate state….WAIT WHAT THE FUCK, OWEN PENGLIS JUST FUCKING STABBED A GUY! WHAT THE FUCK!

Straight Arrows have announced the show of the century, at Newtown Social Club, Saturday 14th of June. TV Colours (!) are also going to play (!!!). Best leave your dignity at home for this one.


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