Top 5 Records w/ Heads of Charm

The first thing that’ll strike you about Heads of Charm will be a literal strike of awesome right to your genitalia, as a lambasting, disembowelling, pulverising mess of noise exhilarates you beyond belief. You’ll stand (or sit, if you’re a lazy dickhead like myself) in total disbelief. How is…What the…Fuuuuuuck…Fuck!

Trust me, don’t try to untangle the amazing, you’ll only cause yourself an anyeurism. The second thing you’ll notice, as you’re frantically scrambling to find out when they’re playing live, is that Heads of Charm are consistently playing around Melbourne Town with some of the best bills ever constructed. They’ve been slotted amongst beauty lineups  like The Kremlings/BATPISS/Rick Moranis Overdrive, Die!Die!Die!/Spermaids and they’ve got an upcoming show with Udays Tiger/Ouch! My Face!/Mangelwurzel.

Look, I get that these lineups probably have little to do with the band themselves, but it can’t stem the bleeding jealousy that erupts from every gland in my body. When the FUCK! am I going to get to see Heads of Charm with a bunch of fucking amazing bands?

Glad you asked Ryan, you impatient foetus! The Melbourne boys will be destroying two venues in Sydney NEXT WEEK! On Thursday, 15 March, they’re playing The Square with Beast & Flood, Narrow Lands and Palmar Grasp (!!!!!) and on the Saturday 17 May, they’re playing at the Captain Cook with Sour Cream, Gazar Strips, Burlap and Katnip. So I had to ask them all, if you had a chance to play with a bunch of bands, what bands would you choose for the lineup, and what would your favourite records from those bands be. Because I like my themes to be insanely complicated.

Theme: Top 5 Records by Bands You Wish You Could Share the Bill With

David Top 5

Selecting other live bands and music when in Heads of Charm mode usually ends in a list of chaotic musical examples, both controlled and off the leash. Here’s five examples: I’ve seen GY!BE twice and their wall of sound blew me away both times. Mclusky at The Corner Hotel (some of their final shows) supporting the Do Dallas album was beautiful drunk chaos onstage and off. Jesus Lizard, an example of controlled and off the leash happening in tandem! Guy Piccioto from Fugazi writhing around on the stage floor while the band smash in and out. Sonic Youth for the simple pleasure of discordance.

FUGAZI – End Hits



MCLUSKY – Mclusky Do Dallas

GODSPEED YOU! BLACK EMPEROR – Lift Yr Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven

Sam Top 5

When it comes to innovative, forward-thinking guitar music, I find that most of the really interesting stuff is happening at the heavier end of the spectrum. The scope of my top 5 is global, including one Japanese, a Swedish, an American and two Australian bands, proof that it’s worth looking further than the English speaking world for quality heavy jams. I have travelled very far to see some of these bands, and have also had the pleasure of sharing a stage with one of them on both their’s and my own home turf. All of them completely destroy live, but for vastly different reasons. Some of these records make for difficult listening, but all are terribly rewarding if you can stomach the violence.

CULT OF LUNA – Salvation

ENVY – All The Footprints You’ve Ever Left And The Fear Expecting Ahead


SOMETHING FOR KATE – Elsewhere For 8 Minutes


Lachlan Top 5

I’ve basically just picked a bunch of bands that would kill it live. Slint’s ‘Spiderland’ is one of the best albums I’ve heard in a long time. ‘Relationship of Command’ by At the Drive-In is one of those records you can put on at any time and still love it. The Mark of Cain are one of Australia’s finest bands. I saw Metz last year and they were brutal, such a great debut album from them. I was lucky enough to go on tour with Future of the Left earlier this year. They remain one of the best live bands out there and their latest release is so fucking great! … I was also going to drop ‘Daydream Nation’ but David got to Sonic Youth before I did. 😦

SLINT – Spiderland

AT THE DRIVE-IN – Relationship of Command

THE MARK OF CAIN – Battlesick

FUTURE OF THE LEFT – How To Stop Your Brain In An Accident

METZ – Metz


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