Album Review: Movement-Movement EP

I hardly ever dance anymore. When I do, it means one of two things: I’m drunk, or I really, really, really like the band playing. I don’t know whether the cynical side of me is winning the internal mind war, or if maybe the robot controlling my emotions broke up with his girlfriend, but the last few bands I danced to were Straight Arrows, Palms and Hunx and His Punx, all of which are impossible to not grow obsessively fond of.

However, with the Sydney group Movement, I’ve had no trouble dancing to their shit, and it’s not even within a live setting. Their music, an R&B dusted with silver electronica, is damn near flawless. If they’re EP were a Game of Thrones trophy, it’d be the Iron Throne-strong and grey, but with an intrinsic beauty attached to it.

The EP starts off with previous single ‘Like Lust’, which you could see as the perfect song to make love to. Not ‘fuck’, or ‘root’, or ‘boink’ or any of that 16 year old shit. No, if Romeo and Juliet were touching gonads today, and Baz Luhrmann were needing the perfect song to accentuate their slow-motion passion, he’d pick ‘Like Lust’. Sure, there’s the irony that the song’s about a booty call. But the way ‘Like Lust’ carries itself with a sheen and glamour, a case of Resch’s says that any figure-man, woman, six-penised alien-would immediately fall to its sensual clutch. It’s so beautiful, even a combination of prolonged eye contact with Brad Pitt and a snuggle in ice cream flavoured happiness couldn’t beat this song to the claim of ‘Most Gorgeous Thing Ever’.

Following ‘Like Lust’ is a slow-burner of the truest sense, ‘Ivory. It starts with vocals that sound like they belong in the higher reaches of an abandoned church (go with me) and there’s these overarching synths that build and whip like those hidden dart traps in Raiders of the Lost Ark. But then these glowing piano droplets come in, and these hand claps are there, and the voices…OH THE VOICES! It’s pure sex recorded to tape, the kind of stuff Drake wished he could record. After that audio-orgasm, ‘5.57’ drops, and I do mean drops. It’s the kind of song that wouldn’t seem out of place connected to a video of two illogically attractive people making out in a Terminator-esque apocalypse. The chorus has these crushing electronic waves, but they’re balanced out by the tranquil ‘ooo’s that smother the piece. Basically, that shit is beauty incarnate.

The EP is finished out with the slow and brooding ‘Control You’, a breathy, harsh track that has all the right amounts of steam and lust to put an episode of True Blood to shame. When you’re commanded to ‘Move your body’, you’ll find that your already grinding whatever object is closest. Doesn’t matter if it’s a lamp post or a grandma, you’ll be grinding away with ‘Control You’, I assure you of that.

Which brings things to a close on this front. Movement made me dance my heart out to every song on their EP, and you’re Satan if you can’t see the value of this group right here. They’re more sexy than Penelope Cruz singing Marvin Gaye, and they have more potential talent and power to unite the 7 kingdoms. Yeah, I’ve only just cottoned onto this Game of Thrones thing. Fuck it’s good. But not as good as Movement.

Movement are gonna be playing Spectrum on Friday 30 May, get amongst it!


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