Top 5 Records w/ Zeahorse

Zeahorse are fucking brutal. There’s no other words to describe them, as the description of ‘BRUTAL’ just blatantly blasts to the forefront of your mind, and blocks any other synonym. They’re sound is a towering force of giganticism, throbbing drone work pulverising smaller minds into submission. If the Death Star was a band, it’d be Zeahorse. Case in point:

There just as monstrous in live format as well. Trust me, here’s the evidence. And in case you doubt my infinite wisdom, check them out for yourself this Saturday (May 3), when they headline a Visions party at the Standard Bowl, along with Spirit Valley and Bad Jeep, as well as Splashh and Deep Sea Arcade spinning tunes and wetting groins.

In anticipation, I asked the guys from Zeahorse to say who they thought had the best gut-wrenching, head-crushing, spleen-pulverisingly good records ever. Gotta say, they’ve picked a fucking mad list.

Theme: Demonically Gigantic Records

High On fire – De Vermis Mysteriis (2012)

This album restored our faith in American heavy music, at a time when metal was getting whimpy, doom was getting boring and stoner rock was getting too legalized, High on Fire released an album that is so heavy and brutal its like glassing your mum in the face with your dirtiest bong. No body can come close to these guys at the moment; they own heavy music with their genre spaning brutality.

Dead Meadow – Howls from The Hills (2001)

If we were to ever start walking with the intention of not stopping until we collapsed and died we would be listening to this album on repeat. Its really heavy with phased out fuzzy genuine psychedelic tones. Completely believable psych rock, has been the sound track to our naughty shenanigans for a number of years. its Pure psych, none of this trendy crap, and has stood the test of time.

Narrow Lands- Popular Music That Will Live Forever (2013)

Local Sydney band of really nice guys who play some of the most jarring  and abrasive post rock you can imagine. They are also one of the only bands we have ever played with that is louder than us. So its nice to know we can all hang out and play lawn bowls together as deaf old men in the future. Check out the track Whores Rule, possibly the best song released by anyone in 2013, the tones these guys get are heavy, far heavier than any other Sydney bands.

Electric Wizard- Dopethrone (2000)

Bit of a cop out as everyone knows it and loves it but un like a lot of doom albums that tend to get a bit stale and boring after a while, Dopethrone never does, with those classic riffs and tones. It feels like your smoking dank through a skull bong at a wizards funeral, its the way doom should make you feel.

Part Chimp – Thriller  (2009)

This album should be the sound track to our meth- induced psychosis rampage montage. Running down the street picking fights with the telegraph poles then getting huge splinters from one of them under our fingernails.  Its loose and unpredictable just like a tweaker.


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