Top 5 Records w/ Drunk Mums

One of my favourite stories to tell is the time I saw Drunk Mums for the first time. If you’ve hung out with me for more than ten minutes, you know this story. But fuck it, this is the Internet, and nothing is sacred. So I’ll tell it again.

It was just after my 18th birthday, and Drunk Mums were playing a show. I was at some party, because I somehow got invited. At said party, a fuckload of tequila was ingested, but whatever, I’m a rock ‘n’ roll dude. I was feeling good, so I got on the train to go see my first rock n roll show as a mature, voting citizen of Australia. However, once I reached the gig, the tequila reached me. I became a spewing, sobbing mess, curled in an alleyway of Sydney whilst Sun God Replica destroyed eardrums a storey above me (good band, check ’em out). I somehow made it past the sentries guarding the doors, and managed to watch a few songs of Drunk Mums, before getting kicked out and somehow getting home, only to wake up to the worst hangover. Ever. Seriously, ever.

I’m going to get a second opportunity to catch Drunk Mums in the flesh real soon, on May 29th at Frankie’s Pizza. You should go too, because Drunk Mums are one of the coolest rock n roll bands in Aus, despite my short-lived drunken encounter with them. And because Adam Ritchie, the frontman with the best mullet in Aus is a hero, he agreed to talk about his Top 5 Records.

Theme: Top 5 Records to Get Drunk To


To start of with, this is a list of what influences me in DRUNK MUMS. I listen to a whole variety of music and intently try not to be involved with one genre.

This being said, that makes it even harder to pick only 5 records that I really enjoy. Many of these are staples and though I might not listen to these every day or even every week for that matter, they rule. I hope you think they rule too-Adam Ritchie, Bass Wizard and  Throat Conjurer

The Angels – Face to Face (1978)

Australian legends. From start to finish this record bangs out massive rock and roll attitude. These guys helped define the OZ ROCK genre. In a sea of shit that comes out Australian bands these days, I always come back to this to help restore any dignity that gets scraped from my eardrums in Australia’s overcrowded musical garbage dump.

The Damned – DAMNED DAMNED DAMNED (1977)

First heard this as an early teenager and it changed my whole perspective on music. I threw Silverchair in a fire pit, spat on it, bought safety pins and became a brat. This record definitely inspired all of my peers at the time too. We all started bands (in my hometown of Cairns) and held house shows nearly every weekend, which was the best thing for isolated teens to do. Or was it?

AC/DC – High Voltage (International Version) (1976)

This record contains a selection of songs from their first two records (High Voltage + T.N.T) both released in 1975. I hated this band when I was a kid cos I’d have to try and go to sleep with me dad and his mates blasting it when I wasa wee wiper snapper trying to get a nice bita shut-eye. Now that I’m an adult I totally get it. If you don’t get it, TRY HARDER!

Motörhead – S/T (1977)

It took me a while to get into these guys because all I kept hearing was ‘Ace of Spades’ yeah it’s a good track but if you hear THIS record you too will feel like buying a motorbike and drinking a bottle of whisky every night. This quote from Lemmy explains it all “Concentrate on very basic music: Loud, Fast, City, Raucous, Arrogant, Paranoid, Speedfreak Rock n Roll…it will be so loud that if we move in next door to you, your lawn will die”.

Gary Wrong Group – Knight of Misery (2013)

Restored my faith in modern music. Great rank vocal delivery with a lineup consisting of two drummers who play synth and organ at the same time and the lead man Gary Wrong himself on guitar + vox. The record it self comes in some awesome packaging too. Gary screen-printed every copy and the vinyl is “Garbage” coloured. What the fuck!? Sick right? YES!


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