Album Review: Lakes + Flesh World


This is going to be a pretty short album review, because I’m heading to uni in about 20 minutes. But that’s okay, because this review is going towards two 7″ punk records (on No Patience as well!), which are shorter and more furious than a midget zombie on a leash.

The first 7″ is from a Melbourne band called Lakes. They’re less furious, and more looming and haunting. You’re more likely to get disembowelled in a creative fashion than bludgeoned to death. Lakes focus less on the brute force aspect of murdering the mind, and utilise spiky S&M guitars and disjointed dark synths to create a soundscape that would make Alex DeLarge begin to salivate.

‘Carved in Remains’ and ‘Face in the Ash’ are the only two tracks on here, but they recall a swamp rock that’s been remixed with the darkest nightmares imaginable. It’s both fucking spooky and crazy good at the same time.

Onto Flesh World. With a name like that, there’s no way you can’t be a pulverising, gnashing band that puts a Rottweiler on PCP and steroids to shame. Flesh World are like the ninjas of hardcore music, creating a whirlwind of indecipherable grunts and ferocious guitar that was made to destroy weaker minds.

The songs on the Planned Obsolescence EP vary between songs under a minute, which are basically Minor Threat songs covered in six inches of grime and gore, and songs slightly over two minutes, which are the more interesting ones. ‘Scab My Fists’ and ‘Fuck Time’ are maelstroms of sound, hurling and regurgitating piles of aggressive noise onto you with the power of a wizard drunk with power and surrounded by boulders. It’s hardcore music at it’s finest.


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