New: Naked Maja-Out of Mind

Naked Maja are a really good band from Brisbane, and here’s 5 reasons why:

1. They’re awesome

2. They’re previous EP, ‘Disillusion’ was Oprah-crazy good.

3. Their new single, ‘Out of Mind’ is a beautifully brooding track, like if The Smiths went minimal, and ended up sounding like a church exploding in slow motion. Look, it’s a very specific image, but the paradoxical nature of the song shuffling from expansive shuffling hi-hats and gentle vocals, to twinkling keys and hollow sound rings, means that this song gets a unique description.

4. Lawrence English mastered the aforementioned single, and if he’s even mildly associated with a project, then it’s amazing.

5. They’re awesome. This is my blog, I can say things twice if I want.


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