New Electronica Music: Collarbones + JaysWays + Second Hand Heart + Raymond Scottwalker

Doof Doof in ya roof! It’s the music to get you fired up, or alternatively, to sit down and wallow in a molten pit of emotion. Whatever floats your boat really.



The elders have spoken: Collarbones are the premier R&B synth act on the planet. If Collarbones were Gaston (the antagonist of Beauty & the Beast, duh) then they’d have a whole village singing their praises directly to their face. Why? Because no one croons like Collarbones, or thumps like Collarbones, or smoothly edges synth pricks into the consciousness with the damn sexiness of Collarbones (okay, maybe Donny Benet beats them out on that last one). ‘Burnout’ is a solid reminder of why everyone loves to love Collarbones.


JaysWays-Something in the Trees

I was kind of bummed that JaysWays didn’t win Triple J Unearthed High last year. I’m stoked that Lunatics on Pogosticks won, but somehow I reckon JaysWays was robbed a bit, especially in retrospect. He’s been pumping out these absolutely gobsmacking tracks lately, and ‘Something in the Trees’ is a fine testament to that. The track is a small, revolving ball of delicious energy, and those weird outdoor chirps and squeals amongst the lush soundscapes make for the kind of vibe that I’m sure Legolas is used to, what with being an elf and all that. On a completely unrelated note, fuck Lord of the Rings.


Second Hand Heart-Damnesia

The name Second Hand Heart, as well as a track title like ‘Damnesia’, is kind of pointing in the direction of a pop-punk group that really liked Alkaline Trio. But prepare your mind for some heart-decapitating, slow-burning goodness. The song basically features some Kevin Spacey-death stare-cold piano and the hushing vocals of a songstress, along with some simmering drums and cymbals. That combination makes for a eerie ambient soundscape, one that’s not meant to leave your brain for quite some time either.


Raymond Scottwalker-Thylacines

In a weird twist of fate, I accidentally forgot to post about the previous Fallopian Tunes release I got, and it’s been sitting in my drafts for a while. I only discovered this mishap when I was in the process of writing this. Coincidence? Yeah, probably. There’s no deeper meaning here, other than I slept most of the long weekend, and everything has vaporised from my brain. So I’ll probably just describe this amazing Thylacines EP now, and post the other Fallopian Tunes stuff later.

Anyway, Raymond Scottwalker (who should be noted as to having an amazing name) makes the kind of subdued electronic music one would normally find in the basement of a serial killer. The feelings and textures here are languid and disturbing, mopped up despair from the average kid who left university optimistic, only to find their dreams shattered around them a few months of mediocrity later. Even though there’s no vocals here, Thylacines isn’t for the faint of heart. Sounds weird, but the shifting, Fly-Lo-forgot-his-Prozac sounds here are stunning. Raymond Scottwalker (such a great name) has dug deep here, and found some sounds actually worth sharing on the electronic spectrum, besides doof-da-boof.


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