Video: FISHING-Chi Glow feat. Marcus Whale

FISHING have always been a favourite of mine, being probably one of my first whole-heartedly loved electronic acts from Australia. ‘OOOO’, ‘Flack Canyon’ and ‘Choy Lin’ have been staples of my iTunes Library just as much as The Jesus and Mary Chain and Dinosaur Jr.

It seems weird that FISHING have never released an album, as it seems they’ve always been there, constantly in the conscious like the Chestburster scene from Alien, or Arnold Schwarznegger’s killer rack in Commando. However, in reality, there’s been only a series of mixtapes and EP’s, and only now has a date been announced for FISHING’s debut (June 6th).

‘Chi Glow’ is the first taste of said album, a slow moving, heroin-smeared bubbling track that has strong elements of Washed Out, specifically the Portlandia theme song ‘Feel It All Around’. Fantastically beautiful, ‘Chi Glow’ is glitchy and smooth at the same time, with a small rapping section, eclectic steel drums and Marcus Whale of Collarbones pushing some gorgeous vocals.

The clip conveys this lush, honeyed feel by being way less pretentious than my sentences are making it out to be. It’s just a simple video, but has more colour, vibrancy and fish-eye lenses than a rich twelve year old’s GoPro video that’s been fed through the PopArt filter on Photobooth. Simply put, it’s a brilliant video for an even greater song.


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