New: Total Control-Flesh War

Total Control are basically an underground institution, and it’s not hard to see why. Their debut LP ‘Henge Beat’ tossed, turned and regurgitated a filthy mix of post-punk goodness.

There’s a new one from them that just came out, and if that’s not reason enough to get excited, then you’re fucked, mate. But listening to it, that excitement gets taken to a whole new level. Think of the excitement levels starting at a ‘Oh wow, I got a free pass to Coachella festival ‘ and moving into ‘My real dad is Thurston Moore!’

‘Flesh War’ begins with a grotesque bass line, which is pretty standard protocol for Total Control. But then it moves into a smooth 80’s vibe, that’s less pure noise ejaculation, and more of a ‘Just Like Honey’ or Triffids/Go-Betweens thing minus the sappiness. Total Control crush the grooving 80’s vibe with the nuanced synth and rolling wave vocals. Knowing there’s amazing songs like this out there makes me want to throw up, cry, emit more bodily fluids and plan a band kidnapping all at the same time.


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