Video: The Frowning Clouds-Beetle Bird

The Frowning Clouds are fucking awesome, and anyone who disagrees is simply in the middle of an acid flashback, and should come to their senses shortly.

Seriously, check out the new video for their track ‘Beetle Bird’. It’s got a hippie cult chilling in the desert, a gangster tiger, a cat-affected cross between Elton John and Silence of the Lamb’s Buffalo Bill, and a cute as fuck dog playing the keyboard. WHAT!? That’s so crazy awesome! And there’s a grooving, semi-Eastern ball-tripper of a song propelling the video forward to even greater heights? Holy shit, Ryan, how do I get in contact with this band so I can force them into musical slavery? Quick answer to that is: you can’t, Iggy Pop’s already done it. Man, fuck Iggy Pop.



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