New: FUTY-Mentiroso!

There are many beautiful things in this world. Puppies tugging on each other’s fur. Newlyweds crossing their arms and sipping on each other’s cocktails. Jennifer Aniston.

Add FUTY to that list as well. Take the puppies off if you have to, but make sure there’s room for FUTY. It’s the new project from Cull member Chumpy, written, produced, directed and edited by the one man himself, like a modern day Robert Rodriguez. His first single ‘Mentiroso!’ is a looming, blossoming thing featuring lots of dancing guitars and swarming vocals. It builds and builds like a re-incarnation of Black Swan, until you’re on the edge of your seat, gripping the screen and crying, ‘Don’t do it Natalie Portman! Can’t you see you’re only hurting yourself!?’. Only instead of a lesbian scene, there’s awesome darker-leaning shoegaze music from one of Sydney’s finest.


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