New: Boris-Quicksilver

Today, Wednesday, 9th of April, comes with two platters of good news for metal fans who’s tastes extend beyond Pantera’s ‘Cowboys From Hell’. Boris, the legendary metal trio from Japan, have announced a new album, and a new song. The album is called ‘Noise’, and the song sees them returning to their favoured heavy as Metallica-at-Maccas sound. There’s haunting screams, gallant cries, and an earnestness that metal bands get right about half the time. Best of all, this thing is fast as fuck. ‘Quicksilver’ really sticks to its title, as the solos are a flurry of fingers, and the drums crush with considerable speed. The only mildly slow thing about the song is the blistering bass riffs that boom throughout. Seven minutes in heaven has never been more applicable than when listening to ‘Quicksilver’.


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