New: Adults-Rain

If there’s two things that Sydney people don’t like to admit, it’s that there’s a fuckload of gronks in this city, and that it rains a bit more than it probably should. We’re not the beautiful, sunburnt country like some wanker described us in a poem. We’re normal fucked-up citizens that happen to have a really good harbour and an awesome local music scene.

Both issues are (kind of) addressed in the debut Adults 7″ Gronk City. The first issue to be (kind of) tackled is rain. Rain sucks, or rules, depending on what kind of mood you’re in. If your with a girl that has a rare condition, and her skin is acidic to the touch of rainwater, then rain is fucked. If you’ve broken up with said girl, and are on a train on the way home, and the rain starts to pucker up and hang around you, it can be comforting, almost like an old mate.

That’s the sort of feeling you get from listening to Adults. They’re a bummed band, but they’re so tight and realised, that you can’t help but feel they’d be one of the first bands you’d go to when your girlfriend with the rain allergy¬†inevitably breaks up with you.


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