Video: Tape/Off-Pedestal Fan

There’s nothing better than some simple, squealing punk music that makes an MC5 performance sound like a Parliamentary meeting in Canada. “No, you made a really good point there, eh”, “Why thankyou, I put a lot of effort into thinking aboot it”.

Maligned stereotypes aside, Tape/Off are doing the former thing mentioned with incredible results. Take ‘Pedestal Fan’-it’s a loud, rowdy bum rush of guitars, thumping bass lines, and cocaine-fed drums, loosened up even more with some bellowing lyrics. It’s an imprecise, amateur, and most importantly, blaring tribute to the bands of old that ensured punk survived long enough for the mainstream to damn near strangle it to death.

In case you were listening to the video on mute, and couldn’t align the music itself with the all-important role that Tape/Off are playing in the Australian punk renaissance, then the black and white shots of the ‘classic’ punk tour van will have to do. They party hard, they fall down, they stand up, and they struggle to play their instruments. Sounds like a punk band to me (even if the catalyst for all this is trying to play in a moving van).


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