New: Dune Rats-Funny Guy

It seems like fucking forever since Dunies have released new material. Seriously, since they released the ‘Smile’ EP, I’ve graduated from high school, gotten a job, and basically failed university. Not to say they’ve just been ripping cones, which they undoubtedly have been. There’s been countless tours around the world, a trip to SXSW to try out the Texan weed, and the trio have just finished their debut album, which’ll be out soon apparently.

‘Funny Guy’ is the first single off said album, and it’s a rip snorter of a track, fun and bleached like a topless girl at the beach (Hey! Rhyming!) It carries along with the usual Dunies spirit of reckless fun, debauchery and being more carefree than a bender with, well, the boys from Dune Rats. Yewww!

Dunies are gonna be ripping shit up at Oxford Arts on the 21st of June, yewww!


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