New: Dasher-Go Rambo

Today, I got an e-mail simply saying, ‘Hey Ryan, reckon you’ll like this’ and a link. Now, this was from a trusted source, so I thought that the worse thing that could happen was a sloppy cover of ‘Holiday In Cambodia’ or something. And who doesn’t have a soft spot for the Dead Kennedy’s?

Song was heard. A silence followed. I reach for the replay button. My sentient punk-boner beat me to it, writhing in pleasure as the glorious sounds of ‘Go Rambo’ wormed into my ears, and caused convulsions not felt since first hearing TV Colours’ ‘Beverly’, or Violent Soho’s ‘Covered in Chrome’. It’s intelligent, whilst never sacrificing the number one ideal of fucking shit up everywhere it looks.

Seriously, this song is amazing. It’s a sneering, brutal song that switches from brooding, plodding Savages-like subdued ferocity, to full blown destruction of sound. ‘Go Rambo’ charges through the sound barrier like its titular character, causing a bloody trail of excited punk fans in its wake. This song is something I’ve been wanting to hear for a while, and never got around to. If Rambo decided to pack in the massacre of small nations, and form a punk band that was heavily inspired by Husker Du, you’d get something like Dasher. Absolutely fucking brilliant in every sense of the word.


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