New: Bad//Dreems-Dumb Ideas

I’m totally unsure of whether Bad//Dreems have still kept the ‘//’ part of their name. Some blogs say they do, some blogs say they don’t, and since my life revolves around what websites tell me what to think, and everyone’s in indecision, my brain is melting out of my ears, Raiders-style.

What’s for certain is that Bad//Dreems have lost none of the potency and chorus-thrashing ability that led my young brain to explode when I first heard them. This song got chucked out when the Baddies recently played with The Scientists, and even though no-one knew the words, they were dancing like rock ‘n’ roll had been invented. Although that is in reference to Michael J. Fox’s bastardisation of rock music for the sake of his parents boning, the Baddies are more akin to pub rock bands like Cold Chisel and Powder Monkeys. No surprises, since they worked with the producer for the Chiz for this new track.

Basically, this song is a fucking brilliant ripper that’ll tear up your arsehole from all the righteous dancing you’ll get done to it. Submit yourself to that description when Bad//Dreems slaughter Black Wire Records on May 23rd



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