Video: Wizard Oz-These Days

Wizard Oz are hands down, one of the most delightful dream-pop bands going around right now. Its actually astounding that they aren’t fronting the Captured Tracks label right now.

The band have recently gone n’ done one of them watcha call it….records! It’s one of those soon-to-be-released things, but they’ve birthed the first single ‘These Days’ into the world, and it’s exactly as delightful and shiny as you’d hope for.

‘These Days’ brims with quiet excitement, even though the vocal intonation sounds like the lead singer came directly into the vocal booth after breaking up with a longtime girlfriend. But the tapping, pattering electronic patterns, and reclining synths make it into a slice of wistful pop perfection. Combine that with a hazy video that chops up a bunch of beautiful footage, and you’ve got classic Wizard Oz.

P.S If you haven’t checked out the Wizard Oz cover of TV Colours’ ‘Bad Dreams’, click the link and thank me later.


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