Video: Girl Talk and Freeway-Tolerated feat. Waka Flocka Flame

There’s a lot of introductions I was trying to decide to use when figuring out how I would pose this article, and create genuine interest in the reader through the anecdote technique. Would I describe how I watched a documentary in a university lecture the other day which was about Girl Talk and his struggles with copyright, and the impact that had on his construction of music? Would I utilise the similarities of this track to a Run the Jewels song, what with the balls-to-the-wall speed, mixed with humour, bass and super-catchiness, and connect that to one of my favourite sets of Laneway 2014? Would I start by showing off this video of Waka Flocka Flame teaching all the plebs how to carve a turkey?

Or shall I buck tradition, and simply say that this video is a fucking gangster, logic-defyingly awesome track that never stops being amazing? This video is amazing, and the macho-aggression makes for perfect hype music. I’m not going to ruin the Tarantino-esque brilliance of this brutal video, but to cocktease you, I will reveal that Waka Flocka raps while holding a dismembered arm whilst a condor talks shit in the background. Brilliance incarnate!


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