New: Gazar Strips-Bee Mantis

Today, I heard the words, ‘But Muuuummmmmm…’, and then I got home and listened to the new Gazar Strips track. How are these two things even remotely related? Well, the child that bitched to his Mum needs to get an injection of Gazar Strips right into his veins, because it’ll change him for the better and allow him to harden the fuck up real quick. This hard, coarse, disturbed piece of majesty is so tumultuous, it makes a ride on the Millennium Falcon look easy. It’s stark and more horrifying than a trip on City Rail at 1 in the morning. It’s tortured and howling, like the KVB being filtered through Guantanamo Bay torture devices. A cruel and insidious song, ‘Bee Mantis’ is a 1960’s B Movie Horror Monster dressed up for the modern age.


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