New Aus Music: Emma Russuck + Twin Caverns + Eleanor Dunlop

Sappy introduction warning!

Here’s some beautiful music that’s going to make your dreams that much sweeter. If these songs don’t make you want to work out of the back of a van, selling vegetables and safe sex kits to inner city children for free, then nothing will.

Emma Russuck-You Shouldn’t

Absolutely beautiful song. Really, you could be a unicorn that won first place in the beauty pageant, and you still wouldn’t be as amazing as this song. It’s a hurt, heart-tugging piece about sex, love and misfortune. This all seems pretty familiar territory, but the way Emma Russuck bends her lyrics into pure emotion, with the gorgeous guitar/piano accompaniment weaving in forlorn patterns amongst the heartbreak, it all seems like new ground.

Twin Caverns-Undiscover

This song is another beautiful track, and undeniably poignant. The way it trickles and haltingly flows, it’s like a swan gracefully landing in a lake. Amazing imagery, I know. There’s the spectacular beats x piano x luscious vocals x ambience thing going on, and to be perfectly blunt, its goddamn breathtaking.

Eleanor Dunlop-Rough Side of Town

The first thing that strikes about Eleanor Dunlop is that her voice is totally resonant of Cat Power. In fact, her entire atmosphere reminds of Cat Power’s trailing, whimsical and smart demeanour. The shuffling drums, nodding piano, and shivering percussion provides for a cold, sleepy reverbation throughout ‘Rough Side of Town’. But its her voice that really takes the song off. Similar to the way you find yourself careening to one side every time you do a mad, sick turn in Mario Kart, you find yourself leaning over every time Dunlop swells her voice to pirouetting heights.


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