Video(s): Dollar Bar + The Furrs + The Stiffys + WTCHS + Suburban Living

Bunch of videos that your local cable access channel would never play for fear of being cancelled in favour of re-runs of Cheers. Total bummer, dude.

Dollar Bar-Half the Battle

Dollar Bar are perrenial favourites of mine, and after watching the delightful clip for ‘Half the Battle’, you should be encompassed by that stigma as well. If you’re not, well there’s no hope for you, as cynicism has eaten away at your soul at such an acidic rate, you’re nothing but a hulking skeleton.

ANYWAY, this clip from last year’s ‘Half the Battle’ cheerfully follows front man Patrick McCabe around parts of Asia. There’s some goats, some signs in another language, and sky rails. Basically, it’s a culture trip set to a great fucking tune.

The Furrs-Get On Your Horse

This song, oh god, the 90’s nu-bohemian vibes that resonate from it, they are thick and fast. You can see The Furrs soundtracking a teen movie featuring Seth Green and Liv Tyler so easily, it’s insane. On the official film soundtrack, ‘Get On Your Horse’ would be right next to from The Gin Blossoms, a new one from The Dandy Warhols, and maybe The Brian Jonestown Massacre if the producers were open-minded. All the sign-posts are there-teardrop guitars, cool band rehearsal room, a tambourine. It’s really a pity that these guys are a new band, otherwise they’d easily have a record deal with Capitol. As it turns out, they’re simply disciples of the time, and are cranking out awesome tunes such as this one in the 21st Century.

The Stiffys-Boogie Boarding

It’s not often that you get a song that shares the exact sentiments of its title. But that’s what The Sitffys are all about-simplicity. Rocking simplicity. There’s a simple, edgy bass line, simple snare/hi-hat combo, and a simple chorus that could’ve been ripped from a bogan version of Eagles of Death Metal. By that, I mean, it’s infectious as fuck. And watching a bunch of sailor-clad gentlemen cruise around on a boogie board amongst an adoring crowd pretty much gets your jealousy glands salivating.

If you’re keen, The Stiffys are playing a free show with Chicks Who Love Guns tomorrow night (Wednesday 2nd April) at Beach Road, Bondi.

WTCHS-Over Kilmer

WTCHS are a UK band that are following hard in the footsteps of Eagulls, and for that, I like them pretty fucking hard. Their single ‘Over Kilmer’ is a gritty chant that would sound like something a bunch of druids would get around if they were into Queens of the Stone Age. There’s droning guitars, harsh vocals and a general slamming propensity to the track. As for the video, well, take everything I’ve just said, and bathe it in a sickly red light, and chuck a bunch of nude bodies in there. Stoked yet?

Suburban Living-Video Love

Remember how good DIIV were before they became more famous for being junkies and the significant other of Sky Ferriera? Well fuck DIIV, because Suburban Living are doing more or less the same thing, and they have way cooler videos. Dreamy, injected guitar-pop that dances on the soul-boner, whilst VHS karaoke shenanigans occur. There’s even a subtle nod when the ‘sick guitar solo’ comes in, just to ensure that you’re ready to rawk out.



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