New: Wireheads + Velociraptor + Fraser A. Gorman + Diesel Dudes + Turbo Fruits + Monicans + HUNCK

Witty introduction that will suck the reader into a hypnotised state of frothing excitement over the resulting music.


Wireheads-The Way It Is

It’s hard to point out what’s so great about this song, because there are so many awesome parts that tie it together. ‘The Way It Is’ starts with a drawling The Clash-meets-backyard-cricket guitar riff, before bouncing into harmonica territory. Then a sliding Bob Dylan-esque vocal that’s had too many durries and been kicked in the groin with cynicism one too many times resounds through. By the time it gets to the chorus, you’ll either be laughing or crying, depending on when your last breakup was. Wireheads have that ability to make the truth sound really good, and on ‘The Way It Is’ it spills out harder than the guts of an extra in The Walking Dead.



Velociraptor are essentially the go-to guide of Brisbane bands. I say guide, because all twelve members are involved in some way with about a million of the other amazing Brisbane projects going on, such as DZ Deathrays and Jeremy Neale. You’d think because of the sheer amount of members that Velociraptor would never get anything done. But between members kicking their own goals, the group got together to release ‘Ramona’. It’s a traditional slice of Velociraptor garage-pop-lot’s of guitar, some waxing poetic and shrill cries bounding throughout. Although the track is taking on a distinctly Jeremy Neale x loudness feel, but as long as the riffs retain their potency, and the overwhelming fun keeps booming out of the speakers, it’s hard to have beef with the Velociraptor crew.

They’re playing at Easy Tiger on April 17, fucking be there, aye!


Fraser A. Gorman-Book of Love

Fraser A. Gorman is signed to Milk! Records, which means he’s amazing by default. But don’t let the label stereotype convince you, check it out for yourself! ‘Book of Love’ unveils itself in a smooth and gallant way, like a knight of Brunswick. There’s delightfully laid back piano, caressed guitar and a gentle voice drowning out the whole song, so much so that you’re left in a cocooned like state of infinite love for Mr. Gorman. Sure, the song shares its fair share of similarities to label mate Courtney Barnett, but there’s no complaints here.


Diesel Dudes-Spot Me While I Lift (Watch Me Take A Hit)

Diesel Dudes have always had a propensity for being into weird, weight-lifitng titles like ‘Muscle Memories’, ‘Dumbbell Lifter’, and “Wrestling Team’, but ‘Spot Me While I Lift’ takes that shit to a whole new level. It starts out with a droning note, before quickly escaping into super-charger territory. Think of an 80’s montage that’s being sung by the devil. Instead of thinking ‘Yay, I can do it!’, you sink further and further into an un-reputable hole of blackness soundtracked by strangely hunky Californian guys with access to synthesisers. Is this what heaven looks like?


Turbo Fruits-Dreams for Sale

More darkness, albeit from a place you’d never thought it could come from…Nashville’s Turbo Fruits. These guys are usually balls-to-the-wall party dudes, but this time round they’ve got a grumpy, sneering, leather-jacket wearing tune by the name of ‘Dreams for Sale’. It’s got a pretty similar vibe to the Velociraptor tune above, but with a little more putz and dirty strut, like if Bass Drum of Death were throttling the song through its entire existence. Whatever, it works well, and the sinister vibes get my loins in a twist.


Monicans-New Horizons

Well isn’t this track absolutely lovely in so many ways. It’s indie rock, but it’s got a big hefty hook in there that’s more powerful than a turkey slap from Rocky. This ensures that it struts ahead of the pack of bands that are resigned to just strum a chord and sing about how great Interpol were in the early 2000’s. ‘New Horizons’ is a sticky, bold and beautiful mess of a song, get amongst it.


HUNCK-Toy Trucks

This one has been around for about a month, but the galvanising shoegaze patterns that reverberate across its chest ensure that I both vomited in gagged amazement, and had to share it around. ‘Toy Trucks’ shifts between deceivingly morbid lyrics, dancing key strokes and hauntingly tall guitar/vocal harmonising. The song reaches out to all sorts of places, in a mix of Yuck, The Horrors and MBV. Also, Jonathan Boulet plays drums on this track, and that’s too awesome to not mention.


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