New: The Friendsters-Drain My Blood

The Friendsters are this awesome band from Sydney, a statement I’m sure you’ve heard a million times over. But really, this is grilling, sneering post-punk noise with a slight pop edge, a statement that sounds so pretentious even Arcade Fire fans would steer away from uttering it.

Let me back up a little bit: The Friendsters are just plain cool as fuck. Think of something like Screaming Females with some better riffs and droning vocals. The chorus of ‘Drain My Blood’ was purpose built for screaming at someone you loved and now hate with the intensity of Mount Vesuvius. How many songs can claim that?
The Friendsters are playing a show with Oily Boys and Reptiles on May 14th at Good God, go if you want to see some awesome music


Playlist: Hand Games #20

Another month, another Hand Games mix, which is again totally free. That’s right, this mixtape of amazing music costs less money than my dignity.

There’s an absolute killer mix of tunes on here this month. Most notably, there’s the new one from Total Control, ‘Flesh War’. This song is the equivalent of a post-punk orgasm. It’s too good to be true, and it exists in a $0 format. There’s also the gobsmacking, riot-inducing ‘Plastic’ from Drunk Mums, and some lovely indie rock pastures courtesy of King Single, a side project of Bare Grillz/Lenin Lennon dude Robert Nedeljkovic. And I can’t forget the haunting murder-esque ‘Drone Transitions’ from Ela Stiles, that song is pure shivers up your spine.

But things would be boring if it was just guitars all the time, no matter how excellent those guitars were. That’s were the electronic and pop spectrum of Hand Games comes in. There’s killer tracks on here by Yon Yonson and Sex On Toast, the latter holding a pure sex vibe that would rival even the great Donny Benet. There’s also a beautifully tumbling shuffler courtesy of Yujen, entitled ‘Try It Over (feat. Chet Faker)’, and Sui Zhen has an adorable song called ‘Pipe Dreams’ that takes its cues from Grimes and Rainbow Chan, which is code for ‘this song is a guaranteed amazing one’.

Finally, the new Midnight Juggernauts side-project Turkish Prison features with the track ‘Ancient City Rebuilt’, Klo gets the slow jam hearts pounding, and Milwaukee Banks has a heavy flow and dark synth thing going on that’ll get fans of FISHING overtly excited. Overall, pretty fucking amazing mixtape.


Top 5 Records w/ Drunk Mums

One of my favourite stories to tell is the time I saw Drunk Mums for the first time. If you’ve hung out with me for more than ten minutes, you know this story. But fuck it, this is the Internet, and nothing is sacred. So I’ll tell it again.

It was just after my 18th birthday, and Drunk Mums were playing a show. I was at some party, because I somehow got invited. At said party, a fuckload of tequila was ingested, but whatever, I’m a rock ‘n’ roll dude. I was feeling good, so I got on the train to go see my first rock n roll show as a mature, voting citizen of Australia. However, once I reached the gig, the tequila reached me. I became a spewing, sobbing mess, curled in an alleyway of Sydney whilst Sun God Replica destroyed eardrums a storey above me (good band, check ’em out). I somehow made it past the sentries guarding the doors, and managed to watch a few songs of Drunk Mums, before getting kicked out and somehow getting home, only to wake up to the worst hangover. Ever. Seriously, ever.

I’m going to get a second opportunity to catch Drunk Mums in the flesh real soon, on May 29th at Frankie’s Pizza. You should go too, because Drunk Mums are one of the coolest rock n roll bands in Aus, despite my short-lived drunken encounter with them. And because Adam Ritchie, the frontman with the best mullet in Aus is a hero, he agreed to talk about his Top 5 Records.

Theme: Top 5 Records to Get Drunk To


To start of with, this is a list of what influences me in DRUNK MUMS. I listen to a whole variety of music and intently try not to be involved with one genre.

This being said, that makes it even harder to pick only 5 records that I really enjoy. Many of these are staples and though I might not listen to these every day or even every week for that matter, they rule. I hope you think they rule too-Adam Ritchie, Bass Wizard and  Throat Conjurer

The Angels – Face to Face (1978)

Australian legends. From start to finish this record bangs out massive rock and roll attitude. These guys helped define the OZ ROCK genre. In a sea of shit that comes out Australian bands these days, I always come back to this to help restore any dignity that gets scraped from my eardrums in Australia’s overcrowded musical garbage dump.

The Damned – DAMNED DAMNED DAMNED (1977)

First heard this as an early teenager and it changed my whole perspective on music. I threw Silverchair in a fire pit, spat on it, bought safety pins and became a brat. This record definitely inspired all of my peers at the time too. We all started bands (in my hometown of Cairns) and held house shows nearly every weekend, which was the best thing for isolated teens to do. Or was it?

AC/DC – High Voltage (International Version) (1976)

This record contains a selection of songs from their first two records (High Voltage + T.N.T) both released in 1975. I hated this band when I was a kid cos I’d have to try and go to sleep with me dad and his mates blasting it when I wasa wee wiper snapper trying to get a nice bita shut-eye. Now that I’m an adult I totally get it. If you don’t get it, TRY HARDER!

Motörhead – S/T (1977)

It took me a while to get into these guys because all I kept hearing was ‘Ace of Spades’ yeah it’s a good track but if you hear THIS record you too will feel like buying a motorbike and drinking a bottle of whisky every night. This quote from Lemmy explains it all “Concentrate on very basic music: Loud, Fast, City, Raucous, Arrogant, Paranoid, Speedfreak Rock n Roll…it will be so loud that if we move in next door to you, your lawn will die”.

Gary Wrong Group – Knight of Misery (2013)

Restored my faith in modern music. Great rank vocal delivery with a lineup consisting of two drummers who play synth and organ at the same time and the lead man Gary Wrong himself on guitar + vox. The record it self comes in some awesome packaging too. Gary screen-printed every copy and the vinyl is “Garbage” coloured. What the fuck!? Sick right? YES!

Gig Review: Rice Is Nice Does 5 Years

Sunday 27 April @ The Roller Den

Rice Is Nice is, hands down one of the best Australian labels. Ever. Next to R.I.P Society, Chapter Music, Anti-Fade and Bedroom Suck, Rice Is Nice has one of the best label rosters imaginable. They have not released a bad album. Ever. I can’t even go a day without fucking up on something major, let alone five years of goddamn perfection. Do you want proof of how much I love Rice Is Nice? Here you go:

I’m actually holding a water, I just wanted to look like on of the cool kids

So when they announced they were chucking a 5th Birthday Party, my entire being exploded in excitement. Pretty much the whole  roster, with the notable exceptions of The Laurels, Good Heavens and Seekae, were going to all be in one place, playing the songs they made and recorded and released on an amazing label. How could this not be a better night than the climactic point of any teen ‘comedy’ of the 1990’s?

Unfortunately, I missed the first two bands, Polographics and Shatter Brain because I’ve literally been constructed of dickhead material. I missed this:

You can probably tell that kicking myself in the balls for eternity won’t even scrape the pain I feel about missing these bands.

However, the night had to start somewhere, and it began with Angie, which rules because Angie rules, and she rules fucking hard. She’s a shredder of the highest order, commanding her guitar like she’s Clint Eastwood smacking down justice on some hapless punk. She oozes so much cool, it’s like she ingested the beating heart of Kim Gordon. If Coco Chanel bottled her coolness to make a scent, they’d be selling ‘Cooler Than You’ by Angie for a million bucks a spray. How else do you explain ripper tunes like ‘Stars And Dust’ and ‘Parallels’? These strutting, leather-jacket-clad songs are dripping in swaggering, sweaty cool. I was also drenched in sweat by the end of her set, a cast of awe struck upon my face. Needless to say, I fucking love Angie.

Next was Summer Flake, who travelled all the way from Adelaide to ensure that the party was complete with some interstate flavour. Armed with some of Sydney’s finest musos (Matt Banham, Craig Lyons, Sam Wilkinson, Chris Yates) Steph Crase built herself into a confident force of swelling guitars and frankly beautiful music. Her album is a sonic treat, but in live format, she’s unstoppable.

Forever 21 legend and SPOD followed swiftly, ensuring that the ‘party’ portion of the night was well and truly taken care of. A self-decribed ‘…national treasure…’, SPOD makes dance music which you don’t know whether to laugh at or contort your entire existence to. Dressed in a cap and a tucked in grey polo, SPOD prowled around the stage, wetting ears with a variety of songs, including his heavily acclaimed decade-old debut’Taste the Radness’ , (I use this phrase all the time, please don’t sue me SPOD, I love you). Basically, SPOD takes the best parts of Regurgitator and Andrew W.K, and then makes really good music around it. Case in point: opening the set with a song called ‘Deadshits’.  He’s also got a self-deprecating charisma blast that provides more knee-slappers and tummy ticklers than an episode of  How I Met Your Mother. Because setting the bar high in similes is what I do best.

Side-note of regret No. 2: I missed Donny Benet’s set. Sacrilege, I know, the man is a god, and no one makes panty-soaking music quite like he. But I’ve seen him enough times to give a rough estimate of what his show was probably like. His gorgeous, paisley-suit clad figure makes his way on stage, he pumps through synth-wave after synth-wave, and electrocutes the audience with a love making aura not seen or heard since the first time Morgan Freeman narrated something. Instantly, women want him, and men want to be him. ‘Sophisticated Lover’ comes on, and tsunamis of love juice erupt from every crotch in the nearby vicinity. At least, that’s been my experience the last few times I’ve caught him, and I can’t see how he would disappoint this time round. If you have the chance, don’t follow my stead, and go see Donny Benet.

Richard in Your Mind then took the ‘Happy Birthday’ bannered stage to wreak psych-pop havok. They are such a fun band to watch live, simply because their songs are so intrinsically weird, and they pull them off with flair and love. If garden gnomes found a batch of mushrooms growing in the ‘special’ part of the garden,  and happened upon a storage bin of instruments, they would create something like Richard in Your Mind. There’s a shitload of things happening on stage, from Eastern instruments to electronic shenanigans, even a tambourine makes an appearance. The last band to successfully pull of the tambourine was late 90’s era Brian Jonestown Massacre. Overall, Richard in Your Mind got in my mind, twirled and twisted it apart, and then took it o an acid-tinged trip down Happy Street, with occasional stops off at Awesome Street, and Stoked Avenue.

The last act of the night was Straight Arrows, which is around the same level of awesome as getting to have a personal sit down with Han Solo to talk about how badass he is. A few songs in, and the entire set fell into debauchery. Actually, as soon as the first chords of opener ‘Never Enough’ cracked the skulls of the front row, pandemonium reigned supreme. The songs became vehicles for thriving energy, Owen Penglis casting an impossible-to-match enthusiasm and recklessness that made a night on the town with Charlie Sheen look like a Senate meeting. Al Grigg was his partner in crime, screaming and shouting along every lyric and pointing his sparkly red guitar at the crowd and thrusting like he was trying to literally fuck us with his music.

Around the halfway point, things took a turn for the truly memorable. Out came an abundance of party-poppers, streamers and toilet paper, around the ‘It Happens Again’ mark. Soon the stage, band and crowd alike were covered in more coloured paper than a Mardis Gras ejaculation. Owen looked like he  had been draped in the finale of a Sesame Street porno.

Yet Straight Arrows persevered in turning the Roller Den into a broiling mass of throwback 60’s pop funded by a modern partying ethos. The band went so fucking hard on stage, it was like watching a tornado of garage rock brilliance, each track an atomic bomb of awesome. ‘Running Wild’, ‘Something Happens’, and ‘Bad Temper’ were all exceptional standouts, but  in saying that, picking a favourite Straight Arrows track is like trying to pick your favourite Ninja Turtle-they’re all amazing.

After a sweaty rendition of ‘Make Up Your Mind’, the Imperial Hotel will now forever be ingrained in my mind as the time when Straight Arrows completely fucked up my perceptions of what a good performance should entail. But really, every band that night ruled the stage, albeit in their own way. Angie with her confident shredding, Summer Flake with her alluring shoegaze, SPOD with his prowling, addictive personality, and Richard in Your Mind with their psych-pop extravaganza. It was a fantastically diverse lineup, but really that’s just a testament to Rice Is Nice. May Rice Is Nice continue for another 5000 years, and may its firstborn be a healthy child.

New: Dag-There’s A Power

I’m a dag, and there’s no doubt about it. I’m a loser of the highest order. I like Star Wars way too much, and I will argue Terminator 2’s valuable inclusion to the cultural lexicon to the death. Also, I once caught all 151 Pokemon. And I wear weird shirts that don’t fit my body.

But Dag (band) are here to tell me that it’s alright to be a complete nerd/worthless member of society. Apparently, there’s a power to that, if the bare minimum of information is anything to go by. Well, at least there is when you’ve got a lo-fi Cosmic Psychos mixed with Brisbane suburbia thing going on. Regardless of where the power lies, with the non-contributing associates of social currency, or normal folk, this song is pretty fucking sick.

New: Bruff Superior-Not With You

I’m really shitty that I missed the King Tears Mortuary show the other night, which had Video Ezy, East River and Bruff Superior supporting, especially after hearing this new one. I have a kind of legit excuse (ANZAC Day committed to drinking and losing 2 Up), but I’m still furious that I missed the show.

But Bruff Superior are trying to calm me down to the best of their ability, with the marsh-mellow vibes coming thick and fast, sharing an affinity with Melbournites like Drove Down and Full Ugly, or Adelaide siblings Summer Flake and Bitch Prefect. ‘Not With You’ is just a really beautiful and simple track, a pillow fight of regret wrapped in killer harmonies and guitars. So now I’m in a schizophrenic state of self-hatred and zen-like calm. Sick one BS.

New: Disgusting People-Snail Song/Two By Four

I just came from the Dollar Bar show, which was amazing. Good bands for $10, a romper of a feat that even Greg Inglis would have trouble topping. One of the bands of the night were the amazing Disgusting People. Although they were minus good bloke Roche, Sam ‘Every Band in Sydney’ Wilkinson made up for it with his high-diving guitar shenanigans, and the in-between song banter. Shit, they almost made Silverchair’s ‘Freak’ sound good again.

Anyway, they’re out with two new songs as of today, ‘Snail Song’ and ‘Two By Four’. They’re both romper little guitar songs from the GBV handbook.

They’re straight up-and-down strummers, guitar-pop done with the kind of flair that Stephen Malkmus prays to Satan every day for to accomplish. ‘Snail Song’ is a tad more boppy, like if Brian Wilson grew up in the Inner West. Meanwhile, ‘Two By Four’ features a slacker pop jaw-breaker, and features lyrics about getting touched as a kid. So there’s that.

Top 10 Signs You’re A Self-Hating Hipster


The word and definition hipster is as worn out and confused as a twelve year old obsessed with Insane Clown Posse, but lacking the funds for the face paint, and having to make do with house paint he found in the basement, thus subjecting himself to an insane amount of noxious fumes. Who knows what a hipster is anymore. Is it someone that listens to obscure bands? Someone that wears crazy outfits they picked up at a Vinnies? Or has it come down to being a self-centred, attention-seeking cosmic caricature that hates every moment of their life because of the extremities they engage upon themselves, but perpetuate the image of being a hipster because it’s all they know? If you find yourself nodding along to the final categorical definition of hipster, read on:

10. You create a blog, adamantly demand that it’s a domain

So Tumblr gives you hard ons, with all the cute anarchy slogans and pictures of people smoking bongs. So you get one. But don’t let anyone tell you it’s a blog. It ain’t a fucking blog. This is a serious domain. Not a blog, and certainly not a website. This is where serious issues, such as government corruption, asylum seekers, and political hypocrisy are examined and ravaged. On Tumblr.

9. You use Friendster

Man, fuck Facebook. All those annoying ads, and pictures of high school friends enjoying a normal existence. Fuck. That. You don’t give a shit that Kings of Leon are playing a show soon, or that horny, sexy Christian singles are in your area. And the alternatives aren’t much better. Twitter is such an encapsulation of the ADHD generation, and you don’t have the artistic creativity required for Instagram. So you use Friendster, the only social media service that really cares about its patrons: pedophiles that like to cover all the bases. And you.

8. You stop going to see new bands to find out about newer bands

Wanna go see that new band Disgusting People? You keen for that White Hex show? Shit, Multiple Man are coming to town, we gotta go! Nah, you reply, intently focused on the screen of your MacBook Pro. Those guys aren’t new enough. I only want to see a band play their first show. Of course, when it comes time to see a band play their first show, say DMA’s or Fermunted, you’re too busy scrawling through Soundcloud, looking for demos  of the side project that the guy from Deer Tick said he’d post.

7. You slit your wrists with broken shards of vinyl

Did you hear that new Sebadoh record? Jesus Christ. This calls for some of The Cure and The Jesus & Mary Chain. No, not listening to those songs, that would be counterproductive. It’s time for some good ol’ fashioned wrist-slitting. But razor blades are old-fashioned. You want something that has pain and suffering intrinsically written into itself. Cue shards of goth records. ‘The Weeping Song’ never sounded so good, or bloody.

6. You burn issues of Maximum Rock N Roll and The Village Voice for warmth

Living in New York/San Francisco/London/Berlin/Paris is fucking cold. So you’ll take a leaflet out of the book of your ancestors, and burn shit for warmth. Sure, you might burn down you’re overpriced apartment ($800 a week for a one-bedroom), but the way the flames lick those articles about Sonic Youth is just so tantalising. Also, what else are you gonna do? Turn on the heater? That would be way to easy.

5. You drink moonshine

Pabst Blue Ribbon has become a thing of the past, and chucking down VB’s never seemed quaint enough. Hence the moonshine. It’s a great, homegrown alternative that covers all the hipster bases. It’s cheap, it’s definitely local, and best of all, it’s completely impractical. But it tastes so revoltingly disgusting and no one else is doing it! So yeah, not being able to feel your lips for the next three days and alcohol poisoning are pretty much the only negatives.

4. You exclusively listen to (insert ridiculous obscure genre here)

Former ‘niche’ genres like shoegaze are slotted into the iTunes genre section, it’s time for change.  You can’t have a bunch of obscure genres that you pick and choose from-that would be ignorant. No, you need to exclusively listen to something that has about four or five bands attached to it, and is known by only you and those four or five bands. And you can’t listen to anything else. Brazilian post-afrobeat? Sure. Japanese proto-piano-punk? Yeah, that’ll do. Prog-trance with flourishes of big beat, from the late 1980’s Berlin scene? Get fucked, that’s more mainstream than wearing a Joy Division shirt at this point.

3. You use scraps of Vonnegut Jr. and David Foster Wallace as tissues

Being a self-hating hipster is hard, what with all the hate and hipsterisms, so there’s a lot of crying involved. But fuck that normal tissue bullshit. You’ll sit in your bathroom, and tear out pages from ‘Cat’s Cradle’ and ‘Brief Interviews with Hideous Men’ to dry your salty emotions. Because strong men also cry. Strong men. Also. Cry.

2. Listening to Nothing aka music that just hasn’t been created yet

You scrawl through the urban jungle, watching your wasteland be populated by chumps that only want to watch/listen to The National, or Schoolboy Q, or Unknown Mortal Orchestra. Not even the sacred realm of old-school hipster safety deposits are safe, as it seems like every twelvie now owns a Soft Boys record. So you’ve taken a leaf out of old mate John Cage’s book, and starting listening to nothing on your headphones. But it’s not really nothing-it’s the sound of music that hasn’t been created yet (TM).

1. You spend all your money on flannels and fake eyewear

Coachella? Meredith? A case of Resch’s? Sorry guys, you’ve spent literally all your money on flannels and fake eyewear. And look, there’s an admitted downside. You’re scrounging around for cents just to make rent, and you’ve had to give up on luxuries like food and utilities. Even your iPhone has become a glorified torch light, because you don’t have the money to pay for the phone bill. But on the plus side, you’ve got a closet bursting with cross-patterned wool shirts and glasses that don’t help your eyesight.

Top 10 Acts to See at Splendour

I’m not all that impressed with the Splendour lineup. There’s way too many acts on there that have visited Australian shores recently, or don’t really entice the idea of going. And the omissions are countless. Childish Gambino? Perfect Pussy? Straight Arrows? I mean, c’mon, if your bill doesn’t feature some Owen Penglis, then you’re only fucking yourself.

Despite the sparse amount of acts to see, there are a couple that jump out. So if you’re going to splash out $500 or so, get around these groups.

10. OutKast

I’m not the biggest fan of OutKast, and their leak on the lineup a couple of days beforehand had a similar effect on me as when I found out that I had $10 in my wallet that I didn’t know was there previously. It’s cool, but not awesome. However, I did look at their recent performance at Coachella on the weekend, and Andre3000 and Big Boi certainly put on a show. It’s a big spectacle and sure to be fun if you’re in the thick of it, but I don’t know if it’d be worth fighting the crowds over.


9. Future Islands

I’m pretty stoked that Future Islands are announced on the lineup. They’re brand of indie-rock with electronic flourish is a pretty unique mix, and frontman Samuel T. Herring is a fucking madman on stage. Anyone who puts that much emotion onto stage is instantly worthy of attention, especially when it’s backed up by such fantastic music.


8. Darkside

Darkside make this beautiful mix of guitar and nuanced electronica. Nicolas Jaar is an insanely talented individual, and that comes through insanely strong in the music. Their album Psychic was such a pleasure to listen to, and every time you delve into it, something new and more beautiful strikes you about it. Unfortunately, I have no idea how the complexities of Darkside will translate live, but unless the set is totally butchered, it’ll definitely be better than whatever Lily Allen is doing.


7. Skaters

Skaters are a punk act with a pop edge that are obsessed with New York. So basically they’re The Strokes in 2014. Their debut album even sounds like Is This It! But that’s not worth complaining about when Skaters do mimicry with such vigour and energy that everything fades away to just listening to the music, and wishing you were in a seedy back alley in Brooklyn, spray painting dongs with your high school crush and lighting cigarettes with matches.


6. Courtney Barnett

Courtney Barnett, along with The Preatures and Jagwar Ma, are currently Australia’s biggest musical exports. And there’s a reason why: every single song Courtney Barnett has accomplished is an unwavering, majestical norm-core gem. If ever Elliot Smith were to have a successor, Barnett would be a shoe-in. Even a quick cover of The Lemonheads’ ‘Bein’ Around’ is enough to create a Helen of Troy scenario.


5. The Preatures

One of the most talented pop acts to exist in the past forever, The Preatures are a formidable force of hooks and delectable chorus’. Seriously, if bands were deserts, The Preatures would be a Pavlova. Do you have any idea how fucking great Pavlova is? It fucking rules! And so does ‘Is This How You Feel?’, easily the best pop song of last year. Get amongst these guys when they dominate Splendour like I dominate a burrito at 3 in the morning (and how that same burrito dominates me an hour later).


4. Interpol

Interpol have kind of lost all their talent that made their first couple albums such a pleasure to listen to. Their last album, a self-titled, had just one good song on it, compared to their debut, which had 10 great songs on it (aka the whole album). So why are they so high up on the list? Because their old material is really worth seeing live. Interpol have so many great songs to sing, so if you ignore their recent indescrepencies against music, Interpol fucking rule.


3. Danny Brown

Danny mothafuckin’ Brown. This dude is insane! When I caught him at Laneway earlier this year, he was an unstoppable mess of giggles, rap boasts and infectious charisma. DOES THAT SOUND LIKE SOMETHING THAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO MOTHERFUCKING SEE!? Yes, yes it does. Plus, everyone’s going to light a blunt during ‘Dip’ and ‘Dope Song’ and that’s going to be amazing.


2. Parquet Courts

Parquet Courts are one of the most tantalisingly original acts to come from New York in ages. They’re so good I saw them twice when they came down for Laneway. They’re a hell of a live act as well, putting on a fervent and dedicated display of garage rock that switches fervently between half-minute punk jams and five minute reverb spoils.


1. Violent Soho/DZ Deathrays

Violent Soho and DZ Deathrays are acts that you absolutely must see at Splendour. They tie for best Australian live act, and are sure to get your heart pumping and fists flying faster than a seagull getting chewed up by the turbine of a Boeing 747. Packed with a bunch of fucking amazing songs, these young guns are going to blow minds all over the fucking walls of whatever tent they’re put in. Fucking see these bands. Fucking go see them. Don’t even hesitate. See these bands. Seriously. I’m begging you. See these bands.

New: The UV Race-Hot Dog

THE UV RACE AR BACK! And they haven’t lost any of their fast-paced irreverence either.

‘Hot Dog’ is the first single off an upcoming LP from the Melbourne punks, and it showcases their usual love of singing about shit that makes them and us laugh. My best guess about this one is that it’s about a bloke who is what we all aspire to be: a loveless, laconic mate, who smoke’s pussy and shoots darts. Don’t get your hopes up ladies, this guy’s got a face that’d make angels shit, but his heart is one of steel. But when it’s set to a razor riff, ditzy keys and pounding drums, who even gives a shit? Just be glad that you’re one of the million voices echoing the ‘I sucked him off’ sneer at the end of the song.