New: Pairs-Brief Lesbian

Pairs-Brief Lesbian

Some people are going to look at that thirteen minute running time, and think, nup, no way sir, not for me. I’ll stick to my two/three minute slabs of pop confectionary, and enjoy my middling, mindless existence. For the rest, here’s the new one from Pairs that will put your body through so much emotional turmoil, you could be Kurt Russell and still shed a tear. There is so much congratulations for this track. Featuring Tom Lyngcoln from Harmony and Marcus Hobbs from East Brunswick All Girls Choir, there’s no way your heart strings won’t be in tatters harder than a Clockwork Orange-style repeat viewings of ‘Puppies Dying Horrible Deaths Vol. 3’. The amount of carnage and muddy despair packed into ‘Brief Lesbian’ is astounding, and really, a feat for the legends behind this song.



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