New: Thee Oh Sees-Penetrating Eye

If Thee Oh Sees ever broke up, I think I’d chuck a Point Break and shoot a handgun into the air whilst screaming at the top of my lungs. As it is, they’ve gone on a live hiatus, and I’m barely holding on. However, my mental health looks to improve with the indication of a new song entitled ‘Pentrating Eye’.

And penetrate it does. What starts as a creepy crawly synth line emerges into a beautiful psych-freakout, reverb-drenched explosion of goodness. There’s elements of the epic POND in there, with everything on the track aiming to be as big and obnoxiously hilarious as possible. If Moon Duo cancelled out their mindless noodling, and got a shock to the cock of early-Butthole Surfers balls-out, vomiting-in-a-nun’s-mouth acid-rock, you’d have the greatness that’s on display on ‘Penetrating Eye’. Seriously, this song rules hard.


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