‘Strayan Video(s) Pt. 1: Ross De Chene Hurricanes + Babaganouj + High-Tails + Jasper Clifford Smith + Zanzibar Chanel + Community Radio

G’day, glorious wanker Ryan Saar here. Hope you’re enjoying the shit-hot Friday that we’re having in Sydney. It’s shit-hot because it’s hot and that’s shit. For those curled up in a ball in their bedroom, echoing my exact movements, I’ve prepared something for your eyeballs. A tonne of videos that have the strength and charisma of 10,000 Vladimir Putins. If you haven’t shat yourself at the thought of all that awesome, then prepare your anus for a visual escapade you won’t soon forget…

Ross De Chene Hurricanes-Personality Disorder

Boom! First cab off the rank is one of my favourite Aussie garage bands. And I do mean rank-these guys are underfed, tired, and smell like a ferret that’s been living in hobo’s asshole, just like all good garage bands. That’s how they’re able to pump out such glorious tunes like ‘Personality Disorder’. Although considerably slower than previous material like ‘Umm, Yeah I Surf’ and ‘The Jailbird’, it still holds the whirlwind fuzz and brawling bravado of those tracks. So really, there’s nothing left to do but jam and rock out like the kid in the video #dancelikenobodyswatching.

Babaganouj-Too Late For Love

Holy cheese dipped nutsack! It’s the new one from Babaganouj, the band from Brisbane with more pop sensibilities than a duet between mid-80’s Kylie and Boy George. Add in some lackadaisical  guitars and head-tilted, eyes-closed, half-smile lyrics and there’s a recipe for total content. Similar to other Brisbanauts like Major Leagues, Go Violets and Jeremy Neal, Babaganouj are certainly a band to blow your lid off to. What’s more, they managed to film a clip that captures the sunshine-saturated pop to a scary extent. There’s heart shaped sunnies, swings and a ginger? Count me in!

Fuggn go see ’em play with Chicks Who Love Guns and The Cathys on the 21st of March at MUM @ The World Bar.

High-Tails-Bending Over Backwards

Some more pop rock, this time courtesy of Sydney newcomers High-Tails. The clip kinda just shows off the band playing their instruments, and a couple shots of lamps and washing up here and there. Oh wait, what the fuck!? He’s got a gun! He’s pointing it into his ear! GG Allin may have shat in his hand, but at least he never tried to kill a bandmate! We’re all doomed, we’re fucked! We’ll never hear another bombastic and anthemic chorus like the one showcased in ‘Bending Over Backwards’ again (sorry) because there was a shootout on set! And the singer’s just chilling there, laughing his ass off. Truly, High-Tails are a collection of deranged maniacs if ever there were one, but at least they’ve got killer (sorry again) tunes.

Jasper Clifford Smith-Fight

I cannot get over how unruly and unhinged this song is. It’s like if Kirin J Callinan was fused with Optimus Prime and turned onto battle mode. It’s a thumping, dangerous track that’s a beat away from starting a riot all on its lonesome. It’s a self-loathing, self-propelled, fully functional anarchy machine that uses synths and loops as its sword and shield, and Mr. Smith’s provoking vocals as a head-long charge into the reckless endangerment, both for the cause of fucking shit up and simply for the fun of it.

That’s not even touching the off-kilter brilliance of the video. Take your average day of revolutionary shenanigans, and then unsettle that shit by putting a negative-colour spin on it. Boom, you’ve got a video that makes your loins wet and your instincts keel over in terror.

Zanzibar Chanel-ASS

Zanzibar Chanel are all about the retro sounds and look. It’s hard to place them, but they’re kind of like if lounge music was being directed by Wes Anderson. It’s quirky normality is offputting and completely enthralling in the same breath. ‘ASS’ is no different, both in audio and visual contexts. From the FRESH PRINCE bubble writing that introduces the clip, to the smooth bass funk that worms its way around a montage of VHS-ridden debauchery. There’s butt-slammin’ keyboards, drag-queens and gluttonous excess that would make the Wolf of Wall Street blush. By that, I mean there’s champagne at one point. AWESOME!

Community Radio-Sick In the Car

Community Radio rule harder than the rules of Aussie Rules being ruled by a plastic ruler. I post about them pretty frequently, but that’s only because they never release bad shit. The latest track to get my titties in a knot is ‘Sick In the Car’. It’s a shoegaze slow burner of the highest variety, accompanied by a clip of old school footage of random shit. The effect is psychedelica incarnate. Beautiful, brooding Yo La Tengo-ish rhythms hunting behind a simple chorus and flashing footage that leans between scary as fuck eyeballs, nightclub scenes, the ocean and the song’s namesake-car trips. Stunning.


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