Video: Blank Realm-Reach You On The Phone

One of the hardest moral and logistical decisions I’ve ever had to make was whether I go to Blank Realm or Palms & the Gooch Palms this past Friday night. Now, although I don’t regret going to Palmarama (it was one of the sickest shows of recent memory) watching the new video for Blank Realm’s ‘Reach You On The Phone’ is making it that much harder and increasing the wish that I could clone myself.

Besides ‘Reach You On the Phone’ being crazy, awesome good, the video is probably one of the best visual experiences created. It’s like a mixture of the claymation-pop in Peter Gabriel’s ‘Sledgehammer’ with the dark sex and lust of Q Lazzarus. If Iggy Pop and David Bowie were taking a bunch of multi-coloured vitamins only given out in mental institutions instead of the usual injected cocktail, they might’ve created something like this. The neon Deerhunter-meets-Crocodiles sound making out with hardcore Japanese karoake is the kind of stuff unforgettable videos are made of.

In all seriousness, the video for ‘Reach You On the Phone’ is something to make the DIY-pop gods proud. This shit is jaw-droppingly, eye-popping, stomach-churningly good.


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