New: Movement-Like Lust

I recently watched ‘Boyz N The Hood’, so I’m going to review Movement’s new single the way I feel Ice Cube would review it:

Man, this shit is crazy tight. It’s like…yo Cuba, what’s the motherfucking word? Tight as balls! Yeah, Cuba, you a man of words! Motha-fucka you should meet with my boy Dre…Oh, I’m breaking character? How ’bout I break yo mothafucking face?

*Clears throat*

Anyway, this shit is like, the smoothest jam, it gets my panties wet. Soak-a-licious. Mmm, perfect. Makes me bite my upper lip good. These Movement boys would be tight in the ghetto, despite the fact they exist a full two decades after this significant peice of African American cinema was created. Anachronism’s aside, ‘Like Lust’ is wack!*

*My entire knowledge of how Ice Cube actually sounds is compiled from the aforementioned ‘Boyz N Tha Hood’, various soundbites of ‘Fuck The Police’ and ‘Are We There Yet?’.


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