New: DZ Deathrays-Gina Works At Hearts

Believe it or not, some people got pretty shitty about the release of ‘Northern Lights’, the first single off DZ Deathrays upcoming debut. Personally, I thought it showed some great growth for the band, but hey, that’s just my shitty opinion.

So basically, ‘Gina Works At Hearts’ goes out to all those that were ever doubting that the band couldn’t pull off another high-octane punch to the gonads. ‘Gina Works At Hearts’ goes harder and faster than that new Need for Speed movie, and it will pulverise you like accidentally slipping your hand in a blender.

However, there’s also pop elements to the track. DZ have always had that element of chorus-rocking to them, but ‘Gina’ is less subtle about it. But when you slam a shredding melody, and a chorus of overblown cynicism like  ‘Gina works at hearts/But she doesn’t know/ Why she does it though/ She just loves the attention’, then it’s hard to find any faults. You’re better off just sinking into a mindset of one-track minded moshing, and leaving the complicated shit to people that like Chopin and Puff Daddy.


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