New: Miles Brown-Electrics

Miles Brown seems like the name of an up-n-coming jazz musician, with stars in his eyes and a contract from Mo-Town in his hand. My insta-sumption of someone named Miles=jazz was instantly dashed by the fact that Miles Brown is actually a Melbourne electro musician that makes weirdly erotic music to glare at neon signs to.

And guess what, his music rules harder than the laws of gravity. And I don’t say that without knowing the full consequences of such an allusion. The Issac Newtown of electronica? Bullshit, right? Fuck you, because Miles Brown manages to combine darkness, non-conformity, and being revolutionary all into a logical, compressed and easy-to-follow guide known as his new 7″.

There’s lush layers, daintily tripping synths, weird jaws of snapping samples, and best of all, a voice that is all to akin to Kirin J Callinan. Make no mistake about it, Miles Brown is going to be right up there in Australian darkwave, with the likes of Pitchfork approved HTRK and Standish/Carlyon.

After you’ve cleaned up the drool, make sure you go about buying these songs.


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