Video(s): Cloud Control + Phantogram + Blouse + I Know Leopard

What will you do when the swaggernauts rise up against us, their masters, and turn society as we know it into five-panel infested, ‘420-blaze it’ apparelled, dickhead-synonymous wasteland? Watch music videos, that’s what you’ll do.


Cloud Control-Moon Rabbit

In terms of the song itself, ‘Moon Rabbit’ isn’t all that much to get excited about. A small psych number that garners a few smiles here and there, but really elevates to nothing more than early Boy and Bear. However, the clip, released today, is amazing. It’s like Teletubbies and Heavy Metal got mashed together in some sort of acid trip inspired by the Wiggles. There’s space, brains, and some other ungodly shit.


Phantogram-Fall In Love

I remember playing this on radio the other night, and for a second I thought I’d accidentally played a new Beyonce feat. Jay Z song. The chopped chorus, heavy bass, and soaring synths all pointed to pop royalty and yet…it’s from some random NYC band. However, all the signs are pointing to the fact that Phantogram will be the next huge indie sensation. AND they’re not dull like Lana Del Ray or placidly vapid like Of Monsters and Men. Instead, it’s like Bat For Lashes got produced by Alicia Keys and Dangermouse. Overall, this song is the shit.


Blouse-Happy Days

This video plays out almost exactly like that Radiohead clip for ‘Karma Police’. A car drives on the road, everything’s super unclear, confusion settles OH SHIT! a person. The song itself also seems like a bit of a rip-off of Blonde Redhead, with the droopy female vocals settling under a very smooth, nice post-rock landscape. Look, I like it, but there’s a difference between having influences and being a cover band.


I Know Leopard-Hold This Tight

I talked a bunch about I Know Leopard’s new single a little while back, so let’s get stuck into the clip. Not a whole lot happens, except for the band twirling around on inflatable boats in a river/pond/ocean/body of water. The colour scheme and blank canvas of the clip is what makes it work, not showing all that much and yet managing to be all right simply because it reflects the song’s atmosphere of ‘floating along’. Fuck me, I’m poetic.


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