Video: Retiree-Together

The debut video for Retiree opens with an old country bloke, who looks like his favourite bands are Cosmic Psychos and AC/DC (sicks choices old man, I like it!), saying that, ‘I saw them at the Bondi Lifesaver, and they were fastastic!’. BOOM! Plot twist, the bloke is a hipster! Really should’ve seen that one coming actually, what with the beard and ‘ironic’ workman’s shirt.

The clip then divulges into some scenery of Australia’s bronzed landscape, milk carton’s and synchronised sunset serenades with your mates. BOOM! Second plot twist, there’s an underground sweat rave happening in a mine of some sort, and shit gets trippy. It’s like that scene from the second Matrix movie, boganified, and set to a luscious mix of song equal parts Oscar Key Sung, Jagwar Ma and Silo Arts. Booty-full.

If you’re keen to see this shit, join ME at the Oxford Art Factory tonight, where Retiree are playing support for World’s End Press.


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