New: Chet Faker-Talk Is Cheap


What….the….fuuccccck? Who expected to wake up this morning to a new Chet Faker track/video? How can pessimism exist when this kind of shit occurs, huh?

Chet Faker, the bearded guy who covered ‘No Diggity’, and proceded to make everyone, including my own, jaws drop spontaneously, has finally announced his debut album. Apparently scrapping it twice and starting over again, third time lucky proved to be successful as a date has been announced (April 11) and the first single has dropped. The question though-is it worth the wait?

Fuck your cliffhanger rhetorics Ryan, you fuckwit, of course it’s good, it’s Chet Faker. How good? Try better than chocolate coated dinosaur pets good. ‘Talk Is Cheap’ manages to be sexier than a George Clooney make-out session. It combines some love-making saxophone that drips with sensuality,  with lush piano chords and a bass/clap combo that literally makes panties drop. I’ve had to pull up my undies involuntarily at least 12 times, and I’m only 40 seconds in.

And, as usual, Chet Faker’s voice is caramel sex incarnate, brimming with a unique and warm spirit that flows into your soul and hands it a hot chocolate and flicks the sex-eyes a couple times, a gesture that you would no doubt cross space and time to meet. The chorus is a swooning, crooning coitus-inducing orgasm. Basically, everything about ‘Talk Is Cheap’ echoes pre-piss R. Kelly, when every girl wanted to be with him, and every guy also wanted to be him. Good on you, Mr. Faker. You’re all right in my books.


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