New: Roku Music-Reflector

Imagine if Kim Deal was captured by the Reid brothers, and they were taking her to a top-secret, underground musical base to record a bunch of demos that would never see the light of day. But when navigating that difficult 45 degree reverse park in the base’s parking lot, a drunken Kevin Shields ploughs into them with a semi-trailer. Scientists from Brisbane are able to resurrect a machine of sorts, made from the body parts and musical instruments in the base, half-Terminator, half-Robocop, and a little bit of Weird Science. The result: Roku Music.

If you don’t believe me, then check out the new single ‘Reflector’, a song which happens to be loads better than that other Arcade Fire stuff with the kinda same name.

Because your life won’t be complete after listening to that song, you can see Roku Music at The Square on March 21st, and at Blackwire on the 23rd.


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