Video(s): Harmony + Dark Mean + Monte

So many audio visual queues! By which I mean three. Enjoy!


Harmony-Water Runs Cold

So, if Nick Cave got even more bummed out, and managed to get Rowland S. Howard (RIP) and Mick Turner in a room together, you’d get something about half as powerful and simply beautiful as Harmony’s new song ‘Water Runs Cold’. You can expect a seemingly harmless phrase that becomes unstable when repeated with such passion and gusto, like Andrea Boccelli screaming ‘Fuck You!’. And you can also prepare yourself for a bunch of artistic nudity, by which I mean, no boobs or dicks. However, this song/clip is so good, you’ll forget the fact you’re a sex addict for just a second, and be transported to that magical place that only a lonely shower can summon.


Dark Mean-Albatross

Dark Mean are frighteningly similar to Harmony, if they were mixed with the good aspects of Arcade Fire. The duelling but dignified vocals, the poetic, thriving nature of the simple songs, the structure that makes out like a wooden hut on the middle of an isolated beach. Dark Mean are like the new generation of Neutral Milk Hotel’s and Pavement’s, with horns and everything! Tie this down with an urban soul search clip and BOOM!, you’ve got yourself a masterpiece.



How great are those super long drives, where you just chuck on the radio, and shit whizzes by way too quickly, and by the end, you’re kind of bummed that it couldn’t have continued. That has happened approximately once in my fucking lifetime, and that’s because long drives usually suck horrendous amounts of shit.

The fact that Sydney-based group Monte can evoke that spiritual driving connection in me that I didn’t know existed, well, that speaks pretty great lengths of how great their music is. Seriously, just sink in, let the Mogwai vibes of epic ness crash onto your soul, and watch the shit outta this video. Monte and Chumpy should be stoked!


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