New: I Know Leopard + Foreign National + Failure Machine + Tideland + Melt Mountain + Fever Kids + Shadow Shadow + C. Kostra

A bunch of actually new shit that can be filed into pretty damn good tunes for a Sunday arvo.

I Know Leopard-Hold This Tight

If you liked your Temper Trap, but wanted something with more flesh to sink you’re teeth into (this could’ve been ripped from a script held by David Attenborough) then I Know Leopard provide the best alternative to that. Something like Bearhug, only held down and trickled out like some sort of of indie-rock drip feed. I Know Leopard are the next Dappled Cities, no fucking doubt.

Foreign/National-All Honesty

Right off the bat, it seems like Foreign/National are negating the title of their latest single. If they were really being honest, they’d have decided if they were foreign or national by this point. Seriously, one of the first things people ask you is where you’re from, you can’t reply that you live in Sydney but are from Istanbul, despite the fact that you can actually totally do that, and it’s completely normal. Xenophobia, huh?

Anyway, new song from the Melbourne band, for fans of Two Door Cinema Club and the indie like. Shuffling along with that sort of cobblestone, patchwork drum pattern and glitzy guitar/keys combo. Wunderbar.

Failure Machine-EP

The only experience I have with Reno is that I know it’s hot as balls, Fallout: New Vegas takes place there or something, and there’s a bunch of shitty heist/criminal caper films that inevitably mention how shit Reno is. OH! And the Thomas Lennon humour machine that is Reno:911, possibly one of the greatest dumb shows in television history.

Anyway, there’s a band from there that caught my intrigue by the name of Failure Machine. I get the feeling, that from all the bad press that Reno gets next to its big brother Las Vegas, home of hookers and broken souls, that the band’s name might be a reference to the failure of society’s machine! Right!? No? OK, well, they can bust out a damn good solo, as the track ‘Beautiful Scene’ proves. And the fact they can inject soul into these ditty’s, like Sinatra laying down grooves on top of Fait Accompli, well, that’s just straight, fucking cool man. Try to be cooler than that, and you’ll give yourself an aneurism.


After perusing a metaphorical fuck load of indie bands, trying to find something that wasn’t as dull as watching cricket played by the cast of The Real Housewives of whatever, I ironically came upon this release called ‘Lull’. It’s anything but, just straight ahead rock music that’s just a notch down in ferocity from At the Drive In, but rebuilt with the joyous guitar haze of Dinosaur Jr. Ears, all ears, will be so happy to hear this sort of thing, by that I mean pop music masquerading as guitar music. Those crashing cymbals and droning, incomprehensible vocals? Bob Mould did it about 20 years ago. Of course, he did it better, but that’s not to say that Tideland haven’t done more than attempt. ‘Lull’s got some fucking powerful tracks on here, like ‘Edinburgh’ and ‘Desolate’. Get on this shit, its cooler than Chad Kroeger collaborating with Santana.

Melt Mountain-Melt Mountain EP

Melt Mountain. Oh, I get it, just another one of those crazzzzyyy psychedelic bands, right? Nah, in this case, Melt Mountain is a surf-rock indie band, but they’re most definitely the exception to the rule. They’re from Greece, and they’re like the link between a Quentin Tarantino bloodbath and a nice day on the beach. When listening, expect your arms to involuntarily get all John-Travolta like, and turn into Uma Thurman’s dancing partner, but also be prepared to dip into some psychedelic bliss. It’s a lot less pretentious sounding than the words I’m using to babble on with, but the point is that these are just a couple normal people making damn good music.

Fever Kids-Holding Grass

By what cruel measurement, are we, the audience of Earth, only allowed to have two songs from Fever Kids? I’ve never heard of this band until now, and yet, it’s like they filled a hole in my heart I never knew existed. Oh, that’s preposterous, how could a band…just fucking listen to these two songs.

‘Holding Grass’ is a breathy disco track which a thumbing bass that makes you want to wrap yourself in Debbie Harry’s wig and dance the night away with a strange, afro-clad man in a neon jumpsuit. Think Yeah Yeah Yeah’s with Goldfrapp, sprinkled with some Cat Power. That bass does things to my mind I didn’t even know possible, and if you can put a name to it, please contact me, because I need to confront these feelings.

Meanwhile, ‘Peter, Debbie, Mary’ is what would happen if Peter, Bjorn and John were dropped off in a futuristic version of Berlin, where everyone is a cannibal, and they have to come to terms with it Lord of the Flies-style. Eventually, only Debbie is left, the blood of Peter smeared all over her face, and that luscious bass line soaring around the horrifying image.

Shadow Shadow-Kill Screen

I never played video games all that much. I died way too much to emit any sort of pleasure or entertainment from the device. But Shadow Shadow bring a sense of quiet epicness to the thing that caused me all that pain in my formative years. ‘Kill Screen’ makes like Lorde being pushed through a woodchipper run by The KVB, and the result is a dashing and bright tune that slushes along, but everyone can still pretty clearly see all the blade marks that wrenched away the brightness at the seams.

c. Kostra-Double Crush

If Daft Punk were put back into their Tron universe, and then were stomped the shit out of by some angry EDM thugs, that clashing of two worlds would create the sonic template for c. Kostra. It’s a bedroom-gaze project, half-guitar, half-electronica. It’s a bit Four Tet-ish, which is amazing, and the super chopped up vocals and subtly thumping touch pads and keys make for great texture. Overall, ‘Double Crush’ is the track we all wished we got on Random Access Memories.


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