Electronica Album Reviews: Broods + Unicorn Domination + Soop

Doof doof doof! Wrong, the stuff that’s about to be imprinted into your brain cells is going to blow your mind rather than rip it apart through prolonged exposure to strobe lights and MDMA.

Broods-Broods EP

So, picture this scenario: The Naked and Famous, CHVRCHES and Alison Wonderland are all just hanging out. Maybe they just finished a tour together, and it’s time to relax. Maybe they’re at Nina Las Vegas’ apartment, and James Blake is playing on the stereo. All of a sudden, they just straight up decide-fuck it, let’s just combine ourselves into some weird Frankenstein. That they did, and somehow, the James Blake managed to trickle itself in there as well.

Now, we’re left with the debut EP from Kiwi pop band Broods, who are kind of the opposite of such a descriptor. There isn’t a single Cure cover on the entire EP! Instead, there’s just trickling pop music infused with some light, blonde electronica. Those vocals, those arrangements, it’s all good pop stuff. Not the best, but it’d be unsurprising Lorde gets kicked off the be-all end all of current New Zealand pop music.

Unicorn Domination-Drala

Now, for something completely twisted and dark and delicious and, oh just get stuck in! It’s not up to the torture-porn soundtracking of Gesaffelstein, but it’s not the American, brainwashed alternative either. Unicorn Domination float around in the middle, ensuring that they’re going to alienate those that want some bubblegum wrapped around their ears, whilst not indulging the weird motherfuckers that only exist in a universe of leather and pain.

Opening track ‘Dripping’ sets the pace extraordinarily, pained, drawn out sighs put up against a platter of murky, dangerous crocodilian howls of synth. If walking through Betty White’s mansion at midnight had a soundtrack, it’d be this-utterly creepy, yet intoxicating. I feel as though a witch should be caressing my neck with a sacrificial knife whilst listening to this.

The rest of the album dances and pounces along at roughly the same pace of ‘Dripping’. At times, the vocals are clearer and quainter, and at other points, it’s like experiencing a hellish nightmare of weird goodness. For example, the Cirque Du Soleil-ish experimentalism of ‘Perfinious’, or the tribal moistness of ‘The Fuzz’ that drips into your mouth at a choking pace. Fuck me, I feel like serial killing a small village and arranging their organs into the most beautifully macabre piece of art the world has ever seen after listening to Unicorn Domination. Seriously, there is no other group that really sounds like them, and to fail to look into their work would be blasphemous.

Soop-Buffalo Buffalo

Oh my GAWD! They can’t even spell soup right, what a bunch of…UH! Because grammar is secondary to talent, and I like Melbourne, I decided to give Soop one, ONE, shot at the big time, and luckily, they came through like Han Solo in Episode IV. Now that the token Star Wars allegory has been made, it’s time to move into the fucking awesome world of Soop.

Imagine if those kids TV shows they play on ABC and SBS, right before the serious shit like Bananas in Pajamas and Play School, all dropped acid together, and then listened to a bunch of Youth Lagoon. You’d get a similar thing to what Soop are doing. Just absolutely adorable and warm melodies that entrance and hypnotise with equal prosperity. The songs of this little five tracker are so comforting, it’s like the double buffalo in the title are my parents, and these songs are my new siblings. That’s right, I just integrated the quaint, electronica-laden dream ppop of Soop into being my family. Fucking deal with it.


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