Video(s): The Preatures + Bad Family + Warm Brains

The next best thing to partying in the Caribbean with the corpse of Lil’ Wayne is watching music videos by yourself.

The Preatures-Better Than It Ever Could Be

I’ve already been through the fact that The Preatures can do no wrong, and that their new track is fucking delectable. Well, now they’ve gone and done the high-technological shit with a music video. Is it ironic that someone put in hundreds, if not billions, of man hours perfecting the look of retro-ness. The nods to all the video games of olde is a cool and oft-used concept, and whoever did the work on The Preatures’ new clip can pat themselves on the back for doing an eye-damagingly good job.

Bad Family-Kate and Tony

And now for something infinitely more home-made. Whilst The Preatures’ clip was made to look retro, Bad Family from Melbourne are the real deal, going out-n-out VHS on their debut clip. If you like looking at water rushing by, probably from a fucked up tape copy and not an actual, specifically desired effect, and demonic, empty-eyed plastic animal faces, then this clip aligns with your super strange fetish. If you like watching average blokes fuck around with slacker-pop, something that I feel a lot more people are searching for, then this clip will also do quite fine.


Warm Brains-Happy Accidents

An early contender for clip of the year. Whilst the song itself is a pretty dry and humble take on garage-pop music, the clip ensures that you stick around to the end, because it’s possibly the funniest thing you’ve seen since The Benchwarmers feat. Rob Schneider. I don’t want to spoil the majestic brilliance of this clip, but I will say that parental hatred of a ballooned Oompa Loompa/Jersey Shore candidate Mum and sex offender Dad, has never been so strong.


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