New: The Frowning Clouds + Hierophants + Ausmuteants + Wet Blankets + King Tears Mortuary

Punk. Swag. Noise. Swag. Fuzz. Swag. Geelong. Swag

The Frowning Clouds-Beetle Bird

Do you loooooove Dubstep!? Awesome, because this new Frowning Clouds single is the perfect track for you! There’s all these sick drops, and you can hear Skrillex and Major Lazer sucking each other off in the background! Unfortunately, there’s this weird bit where it gets all Thee Oh Sees-ish, and this gooey, muck-ridden bile surges forth. Its like living in Lux Interior’s lower intestine. Ewwwwwww!

Hierophants-Nothing Neu

I can’t be fucked to maintain sarcasm/think of any more pop culture references, so I’ll let Hierophants do it for me. Right off the bat, there’s the nod towards kraut-rock pioneers Neu! and then there’s the ecstatically salivating key line that creeps along like Uncle Fester trying to score a sneaky look at Wednesday Adams. What a bunch of weirdos! It’s excellent!

Ausmuteants-Felix Tried to Kill Himself

If there’s one piece of advice you take away from me, it’s that you should go to an Ausmuteants show. They’re pretty fucking sweet. You also might get a chance at checking out their new track ‘Felix Tried to Kill Himself’. It’s a lot more furious and explosive than their previous material, with the yelling and snotty wailing making for an excellent soundtrack to punching walls. There’s also that incoherent guitar solo that sounds like a cat landed on a fretboard and shat itself. Swelteringly good.

Wet Blankets-TV Suicide

Here’s another squelchy one, more punk than Sid Vicious’ missing teeth. For the full effect of ‘TV Suicide’, picture yourself in a dingy basement in South California, circa 1981, when you weren’t punk unless you had a multicoloured mohawk and a The Damned tattoo. Or alternatively, picture a strung-out backyard in Geelong, where Wet Blankets are drunk as tits and belting out this track at the top of their voices. Someone smashes a VB tinnie over their head, a guitar string snaps, and the band are competing with some punker-than-thou’s who are listening to post-hardcore in the living room. You want to suck the dick of Pink Eyes yet? Then ‘TV Suicide’ has worked its magic.

King Tears Mortuary-Grease Trap

Now for something that’s less Black Flag and more Times New Viking. King Tears Mortuary are another one of those melting pot bands that contain members that not only contribute to Sydney’s underground scene, but actively keep it running. The new one from these guys, ‘Grease Trap’ is a fast paced indie-rock ditty, chock full of fuzz and absent of bullshit. It’s cuter than a baby Transformer, and cooler than Shia La Beouf’s stunt double. I assume you’d have to be pretty fucking cool to work with that guy.


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