New Electronic Music: illstrtd + Surrender! (free downloads)

This one goes to all those that think I’m a twat for making fun of the electronic music industry for stereotyping and reducing it to a bunch of peaking bros that only dig on Avicii, despite the fact that the tracks posted were all very R&B influenced. In apology, I offer some badass bass-thumpers.


The first is from producer illstrtd from Melbourne. Hey, taking out vowels worked for SBTRKT, why wouldn’t it work for a guy from Melbourne?

Anyway, this track is guaranteed to get your blood pumping at a dangerous rate, MDMA-laden or not. If Cosmo’s Midnight, Wave Racer and Yahtzel were all thrown in a broken tumble-dry that could only go at max speed, then illstrtd would be what fell out onto the decks in front of thousands in the Boiler Room.

This song was not made to relax to. Like its Michael Jordan/Bugs Bunny namesake, ‘Spacejam’ is a fucking epic tune. Get on it, big things are coming from this dude hopefully.


This is for my fellows that love their L D R U, Touch Sensitive and Hayden James, but want to seem as though they know stuff outside of the local scene, because fuck Aussie music bro! That shit sucks!

‘Biochemical’ is a chemical induced track from some group called Surrender!, the perfunctory exclamation mark serving absolutely no purpose whatsoever. Regardless, this is one hell of a dance track, and Surrender! are signed to the same label as Danny Brown, so really, there’s no harm in enjoying the shit out of ‘Biochemical’.


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