Video: No Art-Forest

There is some exponentially sad news for the Sydney music scene that doesn’t involve the lockouts. One of the hardest working and often-performing bands No Art are calling it a day. No longer will they be playing their amazing sets for the enjoyment of all in attendance. I’m just fucking stoked I got to catch them a couple times before this apocalyptic day came to pass.

However, with such a tragedy comes a small toked of amazing, namely their new video for their track ‘Forest’. Coming from a gothy shoegaze band like No Art, the result is an expected trip through awesome. The song resonates with hearty, sinister power, ebbing like a Liars track performed by Kim Gordon.

The video features a bunch of tripped out shit that seems like it would appear in a Savages video directed by Yoko Ono during a phase were she’s really into the Cure and Bret Easton Ellis. But No Art got to it first. Good on ya guys!

No Art will be playing their final show at Black Wire Records (duh!) on Friday, February 14th. Making and Duck Duck Chop (!) will also be there. Make sure you get on that shit!



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